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Top 10 Legitimate Work at Home Companies

What kind of work are we talking about exactly when we say work from home?

We’re going to go over the top most popular professions.

Not all of these can be done from your couch. But they can be done without commuting to a specific locale. Postmates, for instance, let’s you report in through your phone. Doing the work means travel, but it’s all on your time, your schedule.

Looking for legitimate online work from home? Here’s a brief article with plenty of resources to get you started.

1. Postmates

2. Course Hero

3. Education First

4. Swagbucks

5. Gramlee


7. Worldwide101

8. Apple

9. Amazon

10. Sigtrack

Legitimate Work from Home Jobs BBB

What about companies with a good reputation?

Here’s a list of A+ BBB. No need to deal with shady new companies. It takes time to build a reputation, and the BBB operates on this principle. You don’t get an A+ with them through bad business practices.

  1. Appen Butler Hill
  2. Atena
  3. Computer Assistant
  4. Convergys
  5. CrowdSource
  6. Dell
  7. First Editing
  8. FusionCashi
  9. Global Test Market
  10. Humana

20 Work-at-Home Companies with an A+ Rating on the BBB Website

Legitimate Work from Home Jobs with No Startup Fee

You want to start working without having to commit to a fee up front?

I get it, and it’s no problem. You can do these now. You don’t have to sign an expensive binding contract in blood, with the devi, from your laptop.

1. Content Writer

2. VA

3. eBay

4. Pet Sitting

5. Online Tutoring

6. Tee-shirt Design

7. Data Entry

8. Translation & Transcription

9. Child Care

10. SMM

Legitimate Data Entry Work from Home Jobs

Want to start in Data Entry?

There’s definitely a lot of demand, and little experience required. This is also a good way to become a fly on the wall in different industries. You can see what the day to day is really like. And learn the normal problems different niches and industries face.

Top 10 companies

1. AccuTran Global

2. Axion Data Servies

3. Amazon’s Mechanical Turk

4. Capital Typing

5. Birch Creek Communications

6. Clickworker

7. DataPlus +

8. DionData Solutions

9. GorgeWarehouse.com

10. Quicktate

Best Data Entry Jobs From Home

Legitimate Work from Home Jobs for Moms

Got a household to run? Maybe your real job (raising humans) has kept you from gaining market-place skills.

Here’s a specialized list for mothers.

Tip: Don’t underestimate your soft skills. Such as hitting deadlines, multi-tasking, attention to detail, honesty and authenticity, etc. They are more often than not, the number one thing that employers are looking for without telling you.

1. Blogger

2. VA

3. Content Writer

4. Online Tutor

5. Proofreader

6. Amazon Sales

7. Dropshipping

8. Graphic Design

9. Digital Marketer

10. Search Engine Evaluator

20 Legitimate Online Jobs For Moms That Pay Well

Work From Home Jobs with Amazon

Want to get on the Amazon bandwagon?

One of the world’s biggest companies, of course, offers many opportunities. Let’s take a look at the official and current job openings.

Customer Service: https://search.amazondelivers.jobs/category/work-from-home-jobs/3413/27279/1

How to Make Money Online Without an Investment

Want to get started without the up-start cost? I’ve got a post specifically for you.

Work From Home Scams

How to Avoid and Identify Work From Home Scams & Find Real Remote Work, is a must-read for anyone looking for remote employment. 

You can find it here: How to Make Money Online Without an Investment

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