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Officially BeDiscoverable App – in short BeApp, or simply Be is available from the App Store and Google Play.

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Make professional and personal connections by beaming your social media accounts and other details to people around you, and discover others near you.

BeApp creates a halo around you wherever you (and your phone!) go so that anyone who enters into your range can see what you decide to put out to the world, whether it’s for professional or personal reasons, or both.

For your security and privacy, you don’t connect any of your accounts to Be – simply broadcast your public profile name. You are in control of what you share – simply toggle between on/off for any account you wish to broadcast, any time.

BeDiscoverable App, BeApp, or simply Be, allows you to see social media accounts of the people, products, and places in your immediate vicinity (the persons closest to you appear top of the list, grey accounts further down the list are outside your set discovery radius).

For places, you can also broadcast your WiFi name and password.

Also includes offline mode (over Bluetooth) and chat.

Features and how it works: simply enter your name (or nickname) and start discovering – you may include some, all, or none of your social media accounts that you want to share with people around you (you can easily switch on/off the accounts you are broadcasting at any time without re-entering them).

You can chat with people in the app without giving them any personal details. But you can also save their WhatsApp number (if they are broadcasting it) and use that instead.

Be works in offline mode as well – if you don’t have mobile reception and no WiFi connection, you can still use Be by utilising built-in discovery and chat via Bluetooth. You can still connect with people and chat with them, even on an airplane!

No more “Can I have your WiFi code and a menu please?” in a restaurant – now you can get the WiFi name and password from within Be (tap on the WiFi name and password gets automatically copied).

If you want to exchange phone numbers, just have the other person open BeApp and there you are, on top of the list for them (because you are nearest to them so you appear first). They can then see your social media accounts as well, if you are sharing those, and save you into their saved list. And you don’t even have to take your phone out of your pocket for the other person to make the connection and see your details – even if you have no connectivity – because Be will still be broadcasting!

If you are a proprietor of a place, easily switch from personal to product profile and share your WiFi name and password with your customers. Include your social media accounts as well – you might gain more followers!

If you are selling a product or a service, switch on your BeApp and broadcast the social media accounts and contact info to everyone around you. Gain more customers and followers!

In a professional setting, only share your LinkedIn profile to your colleagues and future business associates. Later in the day when letting off steam, switch on your Instagram account to show your social side and gain more followers – and make personal connections.

BeApp is with you in your phone (or tablet) – beaming and broadcasting your social media accounts and you will be discovering others around you!

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