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A New App to Create Meaningful Discovery

Social media continues to grow as a fundamental part of everyday life. It knows no borders or boundaries of communication. Being “alone on your phone” in public is nothing new. Having over 1000 followers or friends that you’ve never met in person, is a cliché we’ve all learned to live with. Social media isn’t going anywhere, but a paradigm shift in how we use it has finally arrived.

BeApp - BeDiscoverable App - Be

If you’re a marketer, an entrepreneur, or someone who’s pondered how to use your social media accounts in new ways, then you’ve sensed an untapped potential. How do you gain followers, likes, or leads without posting more content? How can you leverage your uniqueness, your current location, or your surroundings? How do you post better content?

How can you rise above the noise in 2020?

There are countless teams of professionals asking themselves this question every day. Millions of people sit on subways, in waiting rooms, hallways, and public events with their heads down, staring into their screens. You scroll through your feed searching for an answer or maybe to kill time.

Occasionally, you look up. Survey the surroundings. Everyone gazing into their private digital world. What if the headhunter sitting across from you is searching for someone with your exact skill set? That boisterous group on the subway follows all your favorite streaming channels. The person next to you is the love of your life, and this is your one and only chance.

If only you had an icebreaker, like “Hi, I just came back from Machu Picchu. I see you have too.”

The experiences around you are being recorded in videos, pictures, blurbs, tweets, and posts. BeDiscoverable App was developed to connect our stories. To take the digital you back into the real world. To be discoverable and create meaningful discovery.

How and Where to Get It

Whether you want to expand your professional network, your circle of friends, or dive into a new adventure, BeDiscoverable App offers an impressively simple user experience. That’s because the app’s inventor meant for social media to enable your next connection, not distract from it. 

BeDiscoverable App works with both Android and iOS. Get it on Google Play or download it from the Apple App Store.

FREE Download!

Once you’ve downloaded the app, get set up fast and easy on your mobile device with the guide below.

To explore the Features and Benefits of BeDiscoverable App you can skip past the installation and setup guide.

Installation and Setup

Step 1: Go to Google Play or App Store

For this example, we will be downloading the app from Google Play for an Android device. You’ll find the steps are similar enough to do this on iPhone as well.


Click the link to the store that corresponds to your device’s operating system. (Android in this case).

Step 2: Install

Check out the app video and description if you like. When ready to download, click Install. Later, if you’re enjoying the app, leave us a comment and an honest rating.

Step 3: Open BeDiscoverable App

Once the app has successfully downloaded and installed itself onto your device, click Open to get started.

Step 4: Share Your Location

To fully experience BeDiscoverable App, enable location sharing with your device. This is where the magic happens. Click Allow.

Step 5: Set Your Display Name

Enter your display name into the box indicated above. This will be what those around you will discover you as. Note: You can change your display name at any time in Settings.

Step 6: Home Screen and Settings

Welcome to the Home Interface. On this screen will appear the different profiles around you as well as which social media they are currently beaming. You’ll note the Message option at the bottom, as well as next to each profile. That’s right, you can message them totally via BeApp.

To continue getting set up, click the Gear Icon in the top right corner.

Step 7: Location and Edit Profile

On the Settings page, you have a few options. The greyed-out area will show a Google Map of your current location. You can contract or expand the radius of your halo using the slider.

Next, click Edit Profile.

Step 8: Broadcast Your Social Media

Here you can edit your display name, status, and which social media accounts are visible to surrounding users. Click the button to the right of each social media account that you want to broadcast. You can turn each of these on to be discoverable and off when you prefer privacy.

That’s it! BeDiscoverable App does the rest for you. 

Features and Benefits

BeDiscoverable App makes personal and professional connections possible by beaming your social media accounts to the surrounding area. Let’s find out what BeApp can do in each category.

General and Personal Use

  • Discover What’s Near You – People, products, and places
  • BeApp Integrated Messaging – Allows you to connect with others in a flash
  • Adjustable Halo – Change your broadcast radius for super-centralized contact or to reach a wider audience
  • Users Ranked by Proximity – Users ranked by physical proximity to your halo
  • Accounts Visible Outside Your Halo – Users outside your halo are greyed-out
  • Ensured Privacy and Security – Nothing private is broadcasted, only your chosen public profiles
  • Stay in Control of What and When You Share – Toggle when you share on the fly with simple on/off buttons for each social media account
  • Broadcast WiFi and Password – Want to make friends at the airport? Broadcast your WiFi name and password
  • Offline and Airplane Mode Using Bluetooth and Chat – No internet connection? No problem! BeApp uses Bluetooth and its integrated messaging system for on and offline modes
  • Works Great with WhatsApp – Get in touch with those around you via the integrated messaging system, save their WhatsApp phone number, and keep in touch!
  • No More Asking for WiFi from Cafés and Restaurants – Business broadcasting near you makes their WiFi name and password visible
  • Get Phone Numbers with a Tap of a Button – Broadcast your phone number and the person standing next to you appears at the top of your home screen (they are closest). Share your phone number without removing your phone from your pocket.
  • Save Accounts To Your BeApp Contacts List – Allows you to save contacts on the app. Make a connection and know when they’re nearby later on!
  • Works on Smartphones and Tablets – Android and iOS

Professional Use

  • Product Profile Mode – Businesses and places can switch to Product Profile mode to share the WiFi name and password with customers. Be the first shop on the block on their list!
  • Gain Followers from People in the Area – Broadcast your social media accounts while you stream, present, or sport a new suit!
  • Sell Your Product or Service – Got a new product? Broadcast your profile page, phone number, and contact info. You just increased your real estate and walk-in traffic!
  • Switch to Sharing Only Your LinkedIn Profile in Professional Settings – You’re always in control of what and when you broadcast. Tailor your presence to show only the most relevant information

No matter your profession or number of followers, BeDiscoverable App opens up a whole new world of possibilities. Don’t get left in the dust. Join in on the next evolution of social media and human connection.

Get BeDiscoverable App FREE, Today! Available from the App Store or Google Play.

Or check us out at BeApp.co

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