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What is a Life Coach?

What is a life coach really? Is it just a shrink without a PhD?

Here we’ll go over what it is and why it’s such a big thing today. For starters, it’s not the same thing as a psych doctor.

What is a life coach? What is a life coach’s salary? Here you’ll learn definitions, salaries, how to become one, and where to find one. #lifecoach #BeApp #BeDiscoverable

It is about synergy. Not just listening or prescribing. It’s a more action-based approach and doesn’t necessarily have to do with your childhood or attention disorders.

Here are some common examples:

  • Health and Wellness Coach
  • Executive Coach
  • Career Coach
  • Financial Coach
  • Relationship Coach

Each of these offers the support and clarity that you need to achieve goals in their respective fields.

Life Coach Definition

Still don’t fully grasp the concept?

No worries, here’s the definition:

A life coach is someone who helps(coaches) you with specific projects in your life. They do this through setting a clear course of action for you through channels such as consultations, calls, and email support.

Life Coach Salary

Do they make any money?

Yes! It’s a booming industry and some of them do very well *cough* Tony Robbins *cough*

Here’s an image that will give you some perspective:

What is a life coach? What is a life coach’s salary? Here you’ll learn definitions, salaries, how to become one, and where to find one.

Benefits of Life Coaching

Are there real benefits or are they just helping me “spend my money”.

The right coach will literally change your life. For that reason, it’s a booming industry.

There are many benefits but the main focus is the setting and achieving of goals. You’ve got one life to live (that we know of), why not go all in? Here’s a list of benefits that you can expect:

  • Clarity of Desires
  • Confidence
  • Overcoming Fears
  • Goal Setting
  • Overcoming Obstacles
  • Accelerated Achievement of Goals
  • Emotional Support and Encouragement
  • Assessing New Goals and Desires


Do I need an office if I want to become a coach? Is interfacing in-person a must?

No, that’s the great thing about coaching as a career. You can do it from anywhere, and many have clients from all over.

Here’s the basics on getting started:

How to Start a Life Coaching Business – Site with lots of Resources
How to Become a Life Coach – Great Blog Article
Is Life Coaching Right for Me? – Quick Preliminary Quiz

How to Find

Where can you find one?

Well, they’re everywhere. It’s more a question of finding the right for you.

Think about the area that you need help in. Then go find one. If you don’t know where to start, there’s coaches for that too. Here is a good places to start: 50 Best Life Coaches in the World

Speaking of…

Check out this interview with Beth Martens on the King Hero Archetype, and how she uses it to help people achieve their life and career goals.

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