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Reveal Your Hero Archetype

If you are into personality development, life coaching, archetypes, or spiritual health, then you need to meet Beth Martens (discussion here will also include hero archetype).

I interviewed Beth, a business, archetype, and purpose coach, as well as author. She shares a compelling story and powerful information in the interview.

I discovered her through another influencer and checked out her site. I took the quiz, and scored as “The Hedonist”.

Reveal Your Hero Archetype – An Interview with Beth Martens Video Title: The Hedonist Archetype Video Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XqOSSntxwtM&t=3s Transcript: hello welcome to this video my name is Beth Martin’s I am the creator of the King Heroes archetype quiz you’ve just completed and if you’re landing here in this video then you have placed yourself on the journey of the these archetypes with the hedonist and the hedonist is actually really a magical archetype as they all are this one leads to a very direct connection with God or the divine that’s the ultimate path of the hedonist in that awakened place and in their shadows what ends up coming up for this archetype is really trying to replace what’s missing in life in terms of you know meaning real connection with pleasures that are really just satisfying on the surface level and you can tell the difference because you know there is definitely a very awakened way to consume pleasure on this planet it wouldn’t be a life worth living if we didn’t have pleasure but wow you know the difference between that downward spiral that is really going to result in some kind of harm to you ultimately and a harm to others around you is whether that you know when you satisfy that pleasure is it bringing about more hunger or is it bringing about satisfaction so that’s your roadmap that’s your marker to see if that’s where you’re at right now and then you can just start to turn it around in the seeing of it and if you’d like to go further than just seeing where you are on this journey and see the whole journey looking back on your path and finding out where you might have left pieces and parts of yourself behind where you might have left your gold behind on the path as well in not giving yourself credit for accomplishments and things that you’ve overcome and challenges you’ve already crushed in the past and you get to see what’s ahead of you as well on the journey so you don’t have to troubleshoot or think like oh my gosh where am I going from here so I will drop a link below to more information about that and if you’d like to connect and engage with me on social media please Kevin me on Facebook Twitter Instagram LinkedIn and you can also visit my website Beth Martin’s calm bye for now

I decided to reach out and she graciously accepted my invitation.

 If you’d like to see the full video interview, you can find it at the bottom of this post.

Meet Beth Martens and reveal your hero archetype. Beth is a business life coach that specializes in finding one’s purpose through archetypes.

Beth Martens

Beth Martens is from Winnipeg Manatoba. She currently helps people find their superpower and apply it to their lives, business, and identity. From a young age until now, she has always worked with entrepreneurs.

Death Sentence at 29

She was working full-time at her own business and travelling back and forth between Canada and India.

At the age of 29 she was diagnosed with Stage 4 Lymphoma. Everything came to a halt.

Beth’s battle with Cancer lasted 3 years.

The Second Diagnosis

Beth was told that the fight was essentially over. She was not going to live. As a last-ditch effort, stem-cell treatment was offered.

What Saved Her Life

Personal development, and psychology can be useful tools and fields of study to help one achieve their goals.

When Beth rediscovered archetypes, she did more than achieve goals, she saved her own life. It’s easy to discuss personality development or topics of psychology. It’s another thing to use the subject of archetypes the way Beth Martens did.

Beth Reclaimed Her Life and Identity

The story is unbelievable yet true. Beth learned how to tap into and unlock her own energy. To realign with who she really was in a way that meant survival against the odds.

Using the Hero Archetype

Meet Beth Martens and reveal your hero archetype. Beth is a business life coach that specializes in finding one’s purpose through archetypes.

Beth now runs her coaching business centered around her discovered superpower.

A local woman, Natalie Reimer Anderson, had gone through a similar life-threatening experience as Beth. Natalie is a natural health professional who approached Beth to help her deal with her own current business challenges.

Natalie had hit a wall in her career. She was a fitness coach and nutritionist who wasn’t satisfied by the limitations of her professions. She knew she wasn’t getting people the results she knew were possible and that she’d seen in her own life.

Through Beth’s coaching, Natalie pulled together all of her talents, passions and skills and transformed her identity and career from nutritionist and fitness trainer to one of the first ever self-love coaches.

The important take-away is not that Natalie changed careers or had to reinvent herself entirely. Beth helped Natalie use her existing skills to carve her own path based on her unique purpose and lived experiences.

Your Hero Archetype

You can learn what your Journey archetype is by taking a short quiz on her site. Merpreneur for women, and there’s also a link above for the King Heroes”:

Check out her new upcoming book and join her Journey + Freedom online archetype study group. There you can connect with Beth and others learning about where they are on their path of purpose.

Click the image to reserve your copy and get in on the conversation.

Meet Beth Martens and reveal your hero archetype. Beth is a business life coach that specializes in finding one’s purpose through archetypes.

You can also reach Beth through facebook, I can confirm that she actually takes the time to meaningfully respond to comments and posts.

If you want to see more interviews you can visit Beth Marten’s YouTube Page.

The Hero Archetype Interview

You can watch the full interview below. We talk about everything mentioned above

  • Joseph Campbell’s The Hero’s Journey
  • Marketing
  • Personal Development
  • Beth’s Business
  • An Overview of the Book
  • Gender Culture
  • And more…
Reveal Your Hero Archetype – An Interview with Beth Martens Link: https://youtu.be/B1WBkhiJT8E Transcript: okay Beth Martens think again for the interview just to preface the interview very quickly I’d like to say that right now we’re building content for women’s empowerment building content for self development for personal branding for using social media to help personal branding and now we’re getting into things like personality development archetype so I think you fit in all those categories how are you I’m really well thanks so much for having me Jeff it’s really a pleasure and an honor okay so let’s jump into it um first let’s just talk about who you are your name where you from just a little bit about you and then we can get into your story more sure my name is Beth Martin’s I’m from Winnipeg Manitoba where I am here right now it’s the forks of the red and the Assiniboine River in Canada so central great dead center in the country and I am a business and archetype as well as purpose coach so I help people who can’t stand to just sit back and look at the things that are wrong in the world but they want to do something about it and often that something adds up to a business so they can be valued for it and do it full-time and I also help most often men to survive their purpose because they put a lot of energy out and are taking care of a lot of people and sometimes their health and relationships fall through in the process okay very cool it looks it looks like nicer there than it is here it’s actually flooding I am no kidding Wow Wow yeah first day of fall so we have the nicest day ever today yeah Houston’s weird like that we get we actually have the same rainfall of Seattle mostly but we just get it all at once but it’s interesting what you say about finding your purpose this is definitely a big trend in marketing it’s a big trend for you know freelancing it’s exploding people want to work from home they want to be able to travel they want to run their thing so tell me a little bit about how you got into it what was your before you really figured out what you wanted to do what was your what was the goal that you had wow that’s a loaded question let’s see before I figured what I wanted to do it’s ever evolving process I’ve been full time in my business since 2003 but it’s looked completely differently over the years although like the last maybe decade things have fallen into place and yet still I can’t stop the innovation there’s there’s new stuff coming down the pipes all the time originally I was born and raised in this town to entrepreneurs and by 10 years old I was actually working in their business because I loved making money and having responsibilities and then went to work with them full-time after I started traveling to India every year so I could support my habit of traveling and then by the age of 29 I was diagnosed with a stage 4 lymphoma and that put a full stop to my traveling and it put a full stop to my career in marketing and communication was my family and it became a three year fight for my life after a second diagnosis I was told I wasn’t actually going to survive I was offered a stem cell transplant as a possible half a chance to live and and at that time I was guided to work with archetypes and in just one of those serendipitous take the write book off the shelf thinking that maybe this is the thing because I was really had been trying everything possible that I knew how to survive and and it was exactly what I needed it it’s I had I would studied archetypes in university in an academic way but at this point I really put them to the test and used it as a tool of self you know development is on the light sides but but for sure to reclaim exactly who I am from that which I was suppressing really intensely and you know because out the the corporate world was not my kettle of fish I was a fish out of water lately and I was unconsciously looking for a way to my purpose on this earth rather than live in that corporate sea of meaningless nothing so then in a very short time of working with archetypes I actually went from being a dying person to being a living person because I discovered the keys of being able to unlock energy in my own system it sounds pretty will woo and I’m actually not rule at all it was just simply when you know I realized that or now I know I don’t think I could have articulated it exactly how what I did worked but now I help other people do it to take the energy that they think they need to you know put parts of themselves off in the back burner or kill them all together to reclaim that and then reclaim all of the energy that they’re using to suppress that so that’s kind of a short story now as a business and architect coach and purpose coach I help people not to have to get so far out of alignment like I did before they start making different choices and changes in their life Wow yeah that’s incredible definitely curious yeah there’s a lot of talk about what’s there’s a lot of interest in spirituality and there’s a lot of skepticism but that’s you know an amazing story you do hear a lot of stories similar to this that people beating miraculously beating cancer in very unconventional ways I also wanted to talk about since she’s been running with this thing for a while now a specific time that are like a specific client and a problem and how you used what you discovered to help them kind of breaking it down like what when they came to you what was the problem what was the kind of revelation that you helped them find and then what did you do so one of my favorites clients a local woman and I don’t think she’s gonna minds me using her name at all Natalie Reimer Anderson all time favorites that I love all my clients of course but she came to me and had been through actually some similar life experiences and got to the other side and knew that it was something that she needed to pursue to turn around and start helping people as well because that’s a very common symptom of those that I work West that there they they desire to be part of solutions out there and she had trained herself in holistic health and nutrition and fitness training but she had this huge body of knowledge and personal experience of having saved her own life from a totally different condition and she knew that there was more than just you know she was a very successful nutritionist worked in in the fanciest clinic in town had you know had this had this great career by many people’s standards but she knew that she wasn’t really helping people as much as she knew she could and so that’s where her and I connected and she hired me as a coach and and I helped her to pull not just her trainings and skills together but her whole entire purpose to be on this planet in the first place that was tied in with all of her personal experiences because what she didn’t recognize at that point is the immense value in being able to not just like leave your challenges behind him go like who thought I got past that but to see how it actually became something of a superpower for you to get to the other side of a major challenge in your life it prepares you to help people in not just exactly that way but to help them get through their their big challenges and you know she didn’t like marketing she wasn’t I don’t think she was scared of marketing but she was definitely it wasn’t something that she liked to do for herself and the idea of going out and being completely independent say of clinics and of of gyms and all that kind of more normal context for a person with her skills she went off on her own and and took that risk and and learned the basics of marketing in a truly authentic way so that it didn’t feel like she was being a fraud that what she was selling she you know she went transformed from being a fitness coach and a nutritionist into being a self-love coach hmm and he completely took off it was now now you look around after maybe seven eight years that she’s been doing it and there’s actually a lot of self-love coaches out there people that go under that title but there literally wasn’t fun back then that I had ever heard of well and and it became her own definition of what she was here to help people do and her business it was totally flooded with clients she just has this wonderful thriving service that I just love to tell her story and and send people her way so if you’re stuck if you’re stuck with that trouble then you should definitely look her up that’s yeah I would like to get her name mm-hmm you know as a marketer it like I like to market because I like to you know I don’t I get to let other people be the star and I don’t have to have all the answers so I just find the people who do and I help promote them but I do run into that a lot is that people aren’t who aren’t really educated or familiar that’s my dog making noise in the background you know they they kind of have the traditional stereotypical view of you know marketing as sales and salesmen they’re sleazy and dishonest a lot of them are but they don’t know how to market themselves they just know they need to do it and they know they don’t feel comfortable and so they feel like they have to cross this moral barrier in order to have a successful business a lot of the time especially with early startups exactly thank you gave her a lot of direction on that mm-hmm definitely ya know that’s the roots in the history of marketing things actually designed to manipulate and lie to people so it’s not surprising that that people have that fear it’s it’s a real thing cool yeah I think it’s funny you say that I feel like archetypes are kind of flipside of that because you are you know digging in a good salesman or manipulative salesman who knows what he’s doing knows how to use words that sort of bypass your logical thinking okay no no I mean I’ll just say this that basically every tool out there whether it’s archetypes are all of the different ways to markets it can be used for one of two main purposes one one is to deceive people and take them down and the other is to lift people up and and make them more powerful so that’s know nothing is inherently good or bad yeah I like that I like that view of it too you know it’s a power it’s a skill and it’s really about how you use it so lastly I kind of wanted to I wanted you to talk about your book and this this might that might be the answer to the question but if somebody were you know like I’m in Houston on the other side of North America from you there if you go to Austin sure you know spirituality natural medicine self development these are big in places like Houston they’re not nearly as popular it’s growing and a lot of people are very skeptical because it’s sort of against the culture you know I tell people if they want to practice meditation they don’t need to be religious they just need to give it a try and see how it helps them what would you say to somebody who wasn’t against this but was maybe skeptical or didn’t know what to start in terms of archetypes in terms of sort of tapping into their own energy yeah I’d say first of all congratulations for being skeptical because there’s a lot of people out there lying to you and you should absolutely be aware of that and not just believe anything anybody says including me so you know the thing that if you start to look into it what you’ll notice is that the universe isn’t random right there’s actually in fact despite that’s one of the lies that’s that’s told to us and it oh it’s just chaos and anybody you know can have a bad reaction and all they’re shooting everybody in a school like no that’s not true and if you really look in very closely to yourself and and then if you look in closely to yourself you actually gain so much insight onto people out there you’ll notice that they there are certain patterns that if you look back in your life there are certain ways that you have been certain things that you have said felt and belief believed that are in line and can be you know not necessarily predicted but if you go back you’ll see oh my god my life makes sense this is how purpose work is often done backwards where you you go back and you see what are the common threads that have followed me all my life mm-hmm and they’re just there that nobody had to tell you how to be that’s why you know one one set of parents can have two kids maybe even twins and they can be really different people right we it appears to me we came to this earth wired in certain ways and it’s kind of like the hard drive of a computer it’s it’s hard wiring that that you can’t as much as you want to take certain parts of yourself out I was just talking to a woman today specifically about having some like caregiving nurturing qualities and the nurturer archetype is a big one in my world most of the people that I work with have some kind of issue around you know giving a lot giving too much over giving under charging coming up short at the end of the day and not knowing what hit them you know hating the people they’re helping secretly of course because they don’t want to be even letting themselves know that that’s happening and then she’s saying to me well I need to put a stop to this and that’s actually where you can lose a lot of energy because you are trying to like say no to that part of yourself it’s actually really important to you you’ve already decided somewhere along the line that that’s that’s who you are and so it’s a matter of rather than then cutting out parts of yourself that aren’t working it’s it’s about awakening them and it’s the very same thing as as marketing it’s learning to use it from a place of like truly good intention rather than having it maybe it’s what it feels like it’s using you right so then then it becomes a superpower rather than your enemy and that’s when when you know that’s certain like either parts of yourself maybe it’s parts of your body your heart your mind or your life are showing up like an enemy or other people you’re definitely dealing with some kind of archetype that is out of alignment or or jammed into the unconscious and then it’s very systematic it’s a process of being able to identify and simplify this is this is a huge part of why what I do works is because it takes an incredibly complex world of you know that’s why most people would resist even looking into their inner world because it is so incredibly complex and the archetype world is just a way to simplify it you know there’s there’s so many people that have actually nothing to do with spirituality that are using it you know the very first psychologist Carl Jung he was the one that discovered that no matter where you go in the world these archetypes are there they’re completely consistent so time space culture doesn’t even change them it’s something that humans have in common with each other and so it’s it’s just a matter of fact when it’s the moment you see it you won’t stop seeing it so there’s there’s no there’s nothing to believe it’s not like a spirituality where you have to believe in this or believe in that and I always say like if you can’t see it for yourself and it’s not actually true for you right it’s insane so yeah question yeah no I I knew I threw a hard question there but I think it’s a I think it’s a great answer and I think it’s just a it’s a hard question because it’s a tough barrier of people to cross and here’s this thing sorry here’s the thing is that like I will never spend one ounce of energy trying to convince anybody of this work it’s only when they wake up and they go okay my life is either unmanageable I hit a crisis and I can’t get past this wall the way I did in my life or they’re trying for something that’s extraordinary and that’s when they tend to pop up they come my way they’re out there they’re actually looking they’re seeking and then they’re open to this kind of a thing so I don’t think you need to convince anybody it’s it’s either that life gets so bad that they are forced to look into this you know one of my client that I worked with was diagnosed with a terminal illness he was given two weeks to live and he knocks on my door like none of this stuff when I said like okay how does this sound what’d I do he’s like well actually makes no sense to me but I need to I need to I you know part of me saying I need to do this and so he had no belief in the process whatsoever after 30 days of working with him every single day I got an email saying Betsy saved my life right and I didn’t save his life I don’t take credit for that he did the work but that’s like the person again who had zero belief in this in this work he didn’t even you know think about archetypes maybe a little bit with regard to business and branding and that kind of thing but you know and this is a really interesting part of it is that not only are there specific archetypes that are universal to every being but maybe you know every human being anyway I don’t know every being but the journey of life itself is archetypal this was the discovery of mostly Joseph Campbell or he’s the most famous for discovering that this hero’s journey that it doesn’t matter again where you’re born what you do what your career is what your interests are what your specific archetypes are you are on the very same journey as every person is and you will be called to something you will be either awakened through some kind of cyclone cyclone that comes through your life or just by your deep desire that doesn’t let you sleep at night to something greater than just simply existing and going through life and not dying so you know that that will that will haunt you it’s something that I know I don’t get to sleep if I don’t follow my purpose it was exactly what has you know I’ll say forced but that’s that would be saying as if it’s against my will it’s not but has made me write this book that I’m in the process of editing right now it is a map of archetypes for finding lost purpose in the sea of meaningless myths so that’s that’s the subtitle the the title is journey and it goes through the archetypes of this heroic journey that each person is on so that you don’t have to walk blindly and like I did right I did this with absolutely no knowledge of how the the whole thing was gonna play out what the plot was and it took me a lot more effort and a lot more time and it was way scarier and way more expensive by far to do it on my own so this book is an effort to just say like here all you have to do is actually follow what’s already designed what’s already pre writ in the human psyche and you can gain so much traction by just reclaiming those parts of yourself that might be disowned cool I also have a very strong interest in the masculine and a feminine archetype because this is something that costs humanity a great deal of its well-being right now that’s the you know I grew up in a time when feminism was on the rise I now consider myself to be a recovering feminist because I the same way that marketing was used against people so was the feminist movement and you know I I’m living now and we’re living in a day in an age where more than half of the marriages break up it’s actually becoming in fashion not to couple I just saw this yesterday and this saying that like this uncommon uncoupling or not coupling is now a fad and it has really taken the fabric of humanity down a lot of notches that people are very weak I know I’m a single mother myself I know what it’s like to go through raising a child my dad’s son is in the picture but still as a single parent it’s it’s a totally kind of hellish thing and so understand yeah so a real stand for for showing men to women and women to men so they can see each other on the identical journey but but really the journey it it looks completely different through the man’s eyes and through a woman’s eyes so that’s part of the book is to weave this story of the masculine and the feminine throughout all of these archetypes and to just show men and women to each other so that they can end this gender war great yeah that was one thing I liked about I’m gonna have to read the book but from researching you and talking to you is I like archetypes I like Carl Jung have studied in for quite a while and there’s a lot of stuff on the internet that’s you know they use the fun part of the archetypes to make a quiz but then they don’t really have a utility or a philosophy that works behind that but what I’m also seeing is authors use archetypes in kind of more specific ways and there’s I’m thinking of a specific book that’s more focused on the masculine and the different arc managing your masculinity through archetypes but that’s why I was interested in your book because you’re doing in a specific way and it sounds like it’s mostly about sure masculine and feminine the genders but also it’s specifically about finding your lost purpose exactly again it’s for those souls out there that they not just want to help make solutions for the problems of the world that are escalating by the minute but they have to they literally can’t live themselves and and be in this life without doing something and so they’re compelled by that force to be you know and that’s really what purpose is by the way purpose it doesn’t exist if you just sit in your living room and you’re doing your own saying I don’t care how creative how prolific what you’re doing if it if it doesn’t relate back to humanity and serve humanity in some way it’s not true purpose because that’s that’s to me the very definition we came here to be part of this this whole organism called humanity and to serve each other because otherwise if we’re just in this individualistic kind of you know cultish way of being really is what it is that we’re just here to make ourself happy and and you know get as much pleasure and good stuff out of our life as we can it really does become a very empty life yeah definitely and I was like we know one thing I was saying and if you try to define an archetype you’re gonna lose a lot of people really quickly because it’s just not a very simple thing to define but what I do like about it is you know if you would explain the archetype you explain all these things people like they don’t get it but if they when they see an archetype when they experience a symbol an image they or a story it’s very instinctual so it’s kind of a hard thing to break down and I guess I’m trying to connect that with how you say you can just sort of chase pleasure I have this problem let me solve this problem I want this let me go get this but when you tap into your two archetypes you start to kind of understand how you fit into this greater story and that does give you a powerful sense of purpose that’s beautiful yeah and if you’re looking for an easy definition of what an archetype is to me it’s an emotional and spiritual blueprint okay yeah [Music] elegant way to put it yeah or eloquent just the way that a house is being built with a with a plan of some kind you know then worse starting to get off into some theological talks about the the plan in the destiny and all that kind of thing it’s not it’s not actually my subject I I don’t you know I can answer questions about that but it’s just to see okay there is there is a certain wiring when you when you look at anything in nature it has order to it it has a beautiful you know like incredibly intricate design to it and it does point to the designer like who’s that designer hmm but at the same time it lets you work with it in a way that is you know it because we to wake up every morning and feel like life is just chaos I mean that’s not a life worth living but if you discover how you’re here to make other people’s lives better and easier and how other people are wired to make your life better and easier then it becomes this incredibly connected beautiful thing that like you said the word or you didn’t say the word but you just implied it’s it’s a sense of belonging that most people are are sadly and and desperately lacking feeling of being connected and and belonging yeah definitely in today’s world on that note though thank you for connecting with me ever been to Canada but I definitely want to visit it more that I see that it’s stormy outside it looks gorgeous there you should come where should I go if I want to visit Canada what’s your favorite city darn it I won’t tell you to come here it depends on when you come like if you’re coming in the middle of our summers are absolutely glorious definitely summer what a big Winnipeg Manitoba you know very very classic the British Columbia is beautiful and on the coast of the East Coast also very amazing what’s my favorite place in Canada mmm I don’t know the mountains are gorgeous haven’t been for a lot of years but the the prairies it’s all it’s all pretty different pretty amazing depending on what time of year you’re coming and and what you’re hoping to do but feel free to knock on my door I love hearing from new people and making new friends on social media I’m out there if you don’t mind I’ll tell people my these dudes please tell me they can follow and find you yeah it’s Beth Martin’s calm with an ENS and my book right now I’m in the process of editing it it should be out in the new New Year but I am actually pre selling it so you’re most welcome to come and jump in and at this time as a free bonus along with it I’m doing a bi-weekly archetype study group so you can jump in and start to learn about the archetypes before the book even comes out and start to get into the conversation it’s it’s not coaching and it’s not a class it’s it’s just a group conversation where we’re all talking about things that really matter to us so that’s something that you get to to join in a live call you can also do the archetype quiz so if you are a woman who’s looking to be valued for your purpose I recommend the Mariners archetype quiz and if you are more of a man you are a man and you’re looking for ways to both value and and survive your purpose then I’d recommend the King heroes archetype quiz they’re the same archetypes just again that different take it takes just 7 minutes to find out not who you are but where you are on the path of purpose yeah only free I took the Murr preneur one before I knew that I saw the King hero one so right what was your archetype again well let’s see this I think when I took the right quiz I got the hedonist well my parents are from New Orleans so like you know like I can’t argue too much with that nice that’s beautiful no and that’s exactly where I was at that was my position on the journey when I began to discover that this was a map that it was definitely something that was not just these individual archetypes but they were a meaningful journey so exactly where I was at and it was calling me to the next stage which is the king very cool all right miss Beth Martin’s I think that’s all I have for today is there anything else you want to add I’ll definitely include link to your book link to the group I think the group’s a really great idea it’s not I like it because it’s not just let me round you all up so you can buy my book kind of thing it’s a really deep topic it’s very interesting you know I’ve looked into this like more than 10 years ago and I’m still learning about it about like Carl Jung you can read him for the rest of your life if you wanted to about archetypes and it’s a great idea to get started with it before you jump straight into the book anything else to head the book the link to the quiz to you to social media and of course this video anything else you want to add before we go just that there are a series of videos on my youtube channel the king hero archetype in particular if that’s when you’re interested in and again I just love being conversation with people so if you leave me comments I actually respond and my facebook is quite lively there’s a lot of really interesting conversations going on there love to if you hit me up on Twitter and Instagram so yeah I’m very approachable definitely true you definitely respond because I know I’ve been bugging you a lot there you go thank you so much for having me I’m actually really really having enjoyed this conversation a lot good good thank you for doing the interview so that sits for today and everyone go look up Beth Martin’s and her book
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