How to Find a Travel Partner to Make Memories With

You want to travel the world, but you don’t want to go it totally solo? Maybe you’re looking to make memories with some interesting people. Where do you find them? In this article we’ll talk about how to find a travel partner to make your travels more fulfilling.

Find a travel partner and take to the skies for your next adventure.

What does “Travel Partner” Mean Exactly?

What exactly do I mean by “travel partner”?

It is what it sounds like!

Your relationship with this person is defined simply as having someone to travel with. They may be a complete stranger!

If you get to know them beforehand, then they won’t be a complete stranger. It’s a great way to meet someone new and share in the types of experiences you’re looking for.

To get you started, check out this video of helpful tips:

do you ever feel lonely when you travel solo yo hey guys from Z and what are the most common questions I get when I tell people that I travel solo is do I ever get lonely the short answer got is no if anything I actually end up craving alone time one of the biggest misconceptions of solo travel is that you are alone all the time I actually added many people almost everywhere that I go and because of that I have friends all over the world but I understand that they can serve the person and travelers so I made a video of my 5 top ways to meet people while traveling number 5 is volunteer volunteering is a great way to meet other like-minded travelers especially if your intended far-flung destinations that are off the beaten path now distance action is the most complicated one I hesitate to recommend voluntourism because as travel has gotten more popular voluntours and I’ve gotten more popular anything that gets popular there’s money involved and because of that some companies have gotten involved that are more in this business of making money they want to show you a good time you can take a photo and make yourself feel good about helping in the community as opposed to actually being super involved with those communities and trying to actually help what they need this subject can’t be covered in a three minute video but if you’re going to volunteer abroad please do research to make sure you’re actually helping your cause and not just helping some company profit number four is take a tour and the more obscure the better you can totally take a normal walking tour around where we go but because I’ve appeals to such a mainstream audience you’re going to get people from all walks of life that’s opposed to if you take one that it’s super weird and specific to things that you like you’re way more likely to find your peeps in that group the importantly are defying but a good start would be just googling weird tour la guitarra a half if tours kick towards that reflects as ever weird and awesome interested you have do you meet other people who are weird and awesome ventures to do number three classes travel is all about learning about the world and yourself so it’s a great time to dive into something we’ve always had interest in but maybe I’ve not been able to doing hometown example that this is like why I took Moy time in Thailand or cooking classes in Italy anything you’ve ever had an interest or a skill that you wanted to acquire when you’re traveling it’s a great time to explore an edge to balance when you’re taking a class because you guys are always together and you’re learning things together you typically end up forming different relationships then it’s just going on a tour or meeting in a bar making the bars number two is pub crawls or if your fancy wine tastes I don’t need to tell you that alcohol is a social lubricant so if you like to party then partying is a great way to meet people love to please step up girls or wine-tasting and it’s a great thing to sign up for if you like to get out and about but you don’t feel going out to run your up number one is staying in a hospital the kinda room of a hospital probably one of the most social places in the entire world everybody in hostels are obviously travelers like yourself a lot I’m a solo traveler if the dorms are not your thing you can book a private room and still get the full social experience that comes with being in a hospital loves and hospitals will organize activities like Worcester group dinner and won’t come together to talk about where they’ve been what they’ve been doing and where they’re off to next that’s it those are my five top ways to meet people while traveling and if you’re feeling insecure about how many people when you’re abroad just remember that everybody who’s travelling on their own is in the same boat as you none of us know soul in the country that were in and most people are actually pretty cool thanks so much watching and see you next week

Travel Companion Sites

How do you find your travelling companion? Just hit up resourceful and honest-looking people on social media?

There are a number of great sites out there designed to help you.

Want to Find a Travel Buddy in India?

Going to India?

There are travel buddies just for that!

Here’s a list of sites to help you get started planning your trip and connecting with fellow travelers in India

Looking for a Female Travel Companion?

Want a female travel companion?

Whether you’re more comfortable with women or just looking for an added dynamic, this is definitely an option.

Here are some tips on how to find and start the conversation

  • Meet them before the trip
  • Exchange passports and IDs, make the public to each other’s families, before the trip
  • Discuss any shared costs before the trip
  • Discuss lodgings, destinations, and modes of travel before the trip
  • Spend time in person before the trip

Also, check out this site for females looking for other females to travel with: Tourlina

Travel Companions for Singles

Single and looking for adventure?

There are special apps, sites, and services for you.

Check out these resources

Are you a Female Looking for a Male Travel Partner?

Are you a female looking for a male travel partner? Not sure how to approach the guy?

There are safe and comfortable ways to start the conversation.

  • Get social in travel groups like Facebook and reddit
  • Do your research: check out his profile.
  • Find an experienced traveler
  • Start the conversation
  • You don’t have to be upfront about travel, instead try to find a natural match
  • Meet him in person
  • Exchange passport and IDs to share with friends and family before the trip
  • Plan your trips and preferences together
  • Talk about shared costs and make a plan
  • Focus the discussion on the areas where you would rely on each other. i.e. meeting at an airport, what times you usually get up in the morning, are you planning to share travel by bus and taxi?

Solo Trips for Women

If you’re a female looking for a solo pilgrimage, check out this post: How to Travel Solo as a Woman

See here if you are traveling with a cat or traveling with a dog.

Travel Companions for Seniors

Are you a senior who’s looking for a travel companion?

Many different demographics are looking to share their travel experiences.

Here are some special resources for you.

Upade – check this out – JoinMyTrip – a travel community that allows everyone to discover the world in a new way. On the platform, everyone can offer and discover authentic trips with other travelers.

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