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Online Typing Jobs Without Investment

In this article we’ll look at online typing jobs you can do without an initial investment.

Interested in online typing jobs without putting up a financial investment? Get started here.

Free Online Typing Jobs Without Investment and Registration Fees

Upfront investments and registration fees are never a nice surprise. When they’re not a surprise, they still aren’t fun.

Let’s skip them. Here are some you can jump into right now without any fear of fees.

Online MS Word Typing Jobs Without Investment

Want to focus on your Microsoft Word skills?

Got you covered.

Here’s a site that lists companies asking specifically for what you’ve got.

Free Online Jobs Without Investment and Registration Fees for Students

You’re a student and want something that works well with your schedule.

Homebasework has more specialized list of jobs offering flexibility.

Online Typing Job Daily Payment

Need to get paid on a daily basis?

Many small businesses are very flexible in this regard. They don’t typically advertise it, but you can negotiate when you get paid. An easy way to find these is by simple reaching out through cold emails.

Keep in mind, you’re listening to a paid blogger right now, I do this myself. So here’s a basic script to help you.

Hi, <first name>

I’m a student at <school name> in <City, State>

I don’t want to bother the wrong person, but I was wondering if you had a need for typing at <typing company name>

Thank you,
<your first and last name>

Short. To the point. Not salesy. Tailor it how you like.

The key is to be honest and to the point. Search for companies that already employ people doing what you offer. They will likely need more. No need to beg or disparage yourself because you’re “just a student.” If they have a need, then they need you!

Get a big list of companies that look like good prospects. Spend a little time each day sending out emails like this. In my experience, you will have more work than you can handle very quickly.

You can check out this video that covers jobs that pay via PayPal, which is a good sign that they can pay at any time.

Transcript: hey guys in this video I’m going to show you six easy online typing jobs that pay you via PayPal and the first one is called transcribing you can go to transcribe me.com and basically all you got to do with this job is you turn audio into text you listen to a video you turn that into text if there’s multiple people talking you separate who’s saying what you put it in complete sentences and with proper punctuation capitalization things like that so that’s basically what you’re doing transcribed me pays you via PayPal at around $20 per audio hour to do this it is available worldwide you just need to be a good English speaker you need to have a pretty good word for a minute typing speed I would test that so that you know this for other websites as well just go to typing test dot-com click on how long of a test you want to take right here and then click on what you’re going to type out so that’s a free test you can do it typing test com to get start with transcribing just go to join as transcriptionist it’ll be an orange button in the top right corner and then it will have like an FAQ it’ll have a place where you can go ahead and go through the process so fifteen to twenty two dollars per audio hour again you get paid via PayPal and you kind of work kind of as much as you want you do not have a set schedule so you can read through all that here and when you’re ready just click join our team and then you just fill this out here and click create your profile okay the next one is called Rev Rev is somewhat similar to transcribe me it actually gives you more options though as far as making money so as far as typing and getting paid via PayPal that pretty much applies to about four different types of jobs that they offer so if you go to the About section in the top right corner or just go straight to Reb comm so actually about as a side note I’ll have links to all this stuff in the show notes for you there’s a link in the YouTube description to that page and self-made success.com will have it but rev.com so that’s about and then what you want to do is click freelancers careers is gonna be more like regular you know jobs with set schedules full time hours maybe I don’t know how many of those are going to be work from home more than likely you’ll have to do a lot of those in a physical location but if you want to work from home click the freelancers section the great thing about this is you get paid via PayPal it’s pretty easy work you get to work whenever you want and it pays pretty well you get 36 to 65 cents per audio minute as a transcriptionist 45 to 75 cents per video minute as a captioner a dollar fifty to three dollars per video minute as a sub Tyler which is really good translator five cents to seven cents per word which adds up a lot as well so you can see the descriptions of each one you listen to audio and video and typos is being said by whom as a transcriptionist just like I mentioned would transcribe me you watch a video create timed caption synced with the video for captioning watch video and translate captions from English to another language with subtitles and translate documents from one language to another with translators so like let’s say you wanted to sign up as a captioner you click apply now next to captioner specifically and then it’ll tell you you get paid weekly via PayPal average or you know all that stuff people talk people earn over $15 $1500 a month blah blah blah you start the application process with this form here on the right side and they’ll have a description about what you’re doing and everything so just you just apply for each one that you want to do another one is quick tape and quick tape is as you can see call auditing and transcription solutions so transcriptions obviously involves mostly just typing and stuff like that all you got to do to get started with them oh and by the way quick tape does hire people that are new to this stuff so you don’t necessarily have to be someone who is very experienced you can sign up as kind of a beginner with quick tape again you probably want to have a decent word per minute typing speed decent grammar and stuff like that but that’s pretty much a given for everything on this list but you’ll basically do short audios and then turn them into text and usually you get paid like one cent for every four words and payment is on a weekly basis via PayPal so to become a transcriber under partner links at the very bottom of the page here you have become a transcriber as the bottom option so click that and then that’ll load and then this is where you sign up okay so you have like contractor sign up which is what you would want to do requirements qualifications background check references legal agreements all that stuff is there help desk if you have more questions over here then you can also contact support so create an account right there is what you want to do then you can kind of read through what they require accurate spelling and punctuation individuals that know how to follow instructions typist that could listen to voice files and accurately type what they hear those types of things you’ll have to probably take a quiz of some sort for the language you’re gonna do this in typing test that’s pretty standard stuff so you can you can pretty much just go through all that and then you sign up to request their assignments by creating a username password and answering a few other questions here and then click I agree and then you can start the process another one you can do is scribble calm and you’re going to basically do very similar work to like quick tape or transcribe me you would basically type audio or video files out and state who’s saying what put it in complete sentences all of that so Scooby used to be called call graph so you may have heard of them under that name but they pay about $10 per hour and when you apply you’ll have to take a transcription test which is pretty standard of course and they pay via PayPal you only need one dollar in your account to cash out so this is a good one if you you know want to cash out pretty quickly very consistently on a weekly basis so if you just need money pretty quickly scribble even though they’re probably not they’re not one of the highest paying ones on the list so to get started with screwby you can just kind of go through here and it’ll say join scrooby has a transcriber you know it tells you the three steps you’re basically going to do so in that application take the online test and for audio our so click the blue button that says apply now for the transcription test you make five to twenty five dollars per audio our pay rate it’s home based of course ten minutes or less per file and then they have bonuses know things as well you make sure you have a verified PayPal account and those types of things so that they’ll walk you through everything on this page and to get started just click the apply tab and submit your application to start you can do that that link I just showed you at the bottom or just click this button here where it says apply now you can also try a website called a key Tran global and this is again another place where you can basically just get paid to type out whatever you hear and its transcription work it’s mostly part-time it is work from home you do need to be fluent in English and pay is via PayPal or a check in the mail so that’s pretty much the gist of what you’re doing here you can click apply for work here says they do have work in need for established experienced US and Canadian writers and you can email your resume to jobs at a cuter and global comm so that’s basically what you’ve got to do to apply you just email them there and they’ll get back to you if you send their send your resume so I would you know you need to have a good again typing speed if you have any experience with this stuff that’d be good to include on there you know background degree or recent jobs you’ve had all basic resume stuff and then last but not least is go transcript this is another one that pays you to pay pays you to type at a minimum of 72 cents per minute and you get well so 2 cents per minute of course is people who are ordering but go transcript just pretty much requires that you have good English skills to become a transcriber you don’t need a lot of experience you don’t need a special degree or any of that stuff or any special equipment usually you can be all over the world you don’t have to just be in the US it is flexible hours work from home they pay you via PayPal or Payoneer every Friday you’ll get paid up to 60 cents per audio minute depending on the difficulty level of the audio that you’re doing it’s really good for entry-level like if you just want to get started and kind of build your skills and just kind of do this on the side this would be a good place to start first and then you might work your way up to some of the ones that I’ve mentioned earlier that pay a little bit better so Oh transcript is another one you can do and then you know you just you need to just sign up as a transcriber transcriptionist alright so you can kind of scroll down here and it says work under here under for transcriptionist and click that and they do have available work worldwide for you to do this paid reliably via PayPal or you know Payoneer work from home all you need is a computer and internet connection you have great support enjoy work variety all kinds of different stuff that you would be working on instead of just the same general category you do have a lot of projects available for the most part you get to choose your own projects which is nice they don’t just give you whatever they want and then here’s some frequently asked questions that you can get answered here as well so then you just click apply now and then go through that process which you know just depends on how much you work how much you make is gonna be up to how much you work so if you want reviews of any of these companies you can go to glassdoor.com click companies under this tab here and type in you know whichever one you want to look up I’ll just type in Rev for instance and you can read past reviews from people who have actually worked for them so just make sure the logo lines up sometimes they’ll have a you know LLC or Corp name at the end or there.com or something in the name so it might not completely match what you think so just make sure the logo matches with the website you’re wanting to look into and then it’ll tell you the average rating which is four point one out of five stars here they have six hundred and thirty reviews that you can look through and then more company information so that’s it for this video don’t forget to check out the show notes if you need to and I’ll see you in the one step in Reve for instance and you can read past reviews from people who have actually worked for them so just make sure the logo lines up sometimes they’ll have a you know LLC or Corp name at the end or their dot-com or something in the name so it might not completely match what you think so just make sure the logo matches with the website you’re wanting to look into and then it’ll tell you the average rating which is four point one out of five stars here they have 630 reviews that you can look through and then more company information so that’s it for this video don’t forget to check out the show notes if you need to and I’ll see you in the next one Oh

Other Work From Home Jobs

Targeting typing jobs without investment is a great way to put your skills first. That being said, you might do some job shopping before you commit. You likely have many other marketable skills.

Here’s a link to other legitimate work from home jobs.

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