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Why Women’s Empowerment is Important for Developing Our World

Why is women’s empowerment important for development? And what do I mean by development?

Development, here, means social and economic development. Stories of empowerment are happening as you read this.

Find out why women’s empowerment is important for development in 2019, as well as the agendas leading to 2030.

In this article you’ll find out why women’s empowerment is important for the development of society and the economy.

Here are the main issues surrounding societies and economies on a global scale

  • Poverty
  • Food Waste
  • Income Inequality
  • Political Unrest
  • Climate Change
  • Financial Crises
  • Personal Privacy and Data Security
  • Gender Equality
  • Economic Warfare and Global Economic Competition
  • Healthcare
  • Energy and Environmental Security

Social Empowerment of Women

What do we mean by social empowerment? Feminism?

Social empowerment for women is about recognizing women as competent authorities in their respective fields, same as men. This allows women to take part, as individuals, in important processes.

This type of empowerment helps countries develop and prosper in a number of ways.

If you’re interested, here’s a study.

What are the Objectives of Women Empowerment?

What’s the actual focus here? What’s the actionable measurable goal?

The goal is first and foremost to raise awareness of the issue. You’ve probably heard that the first step to solving a problem is identifying it.

Then what?

Next, it comes down to implementation of processes and programs such as special training, education, maternity leave, childcare. And, instead of focusing “on people”, we focus on both men and women’s empowerment, when installing policies.

Why Empower Women?

So why not “people”? Why single out the women and women’s empowerment?

Because at least half the human population on earth is women. Which means that we’re not fulfilling our potential. That’s not to say men don’t need empowering in certain areas. But if we look at society and the economy as a whole, as well as what certain countries are doing right…

…we find that empowering women is a good area of our global portfolio, as a species, to grow and improve.

Here are some observations that answer the question why empower women?:

  • The UN views women’s empowerment as key to their agenda for sustainable economy
  • Women empowerment fuels the growth of under-developed countries
  • Innovation increases in companies that allow women to hold executive positions

Those alone will give you an idea of the scope. This is a movement that will change our world. No matter what gender you identify as, this is a win for you.

Here’s a short video by the UN:

Video Title: The facts about gender equality and the Sustainable Development Goals Video Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K-oc4GOoWOI Transcript: the 2030 agenda for sustainable development promises to make human rights real for everyone everywhere it has 17 goals and gender equality cuts across all of them at a time when we’re facing conflict extremism and environmental degradation the SDGs focus on sustainability equality peace and progress their cities challenge deepening inequalities around the world by committing to leave no one behind the 2030 agenda is very clear there can be no sustainable development without gender equality in reality however gender inequalities are pervasive in every dimension of sustainable development globally women and girls are over-represented among the extreme poor 330 million women and girls live on less than a dollar 90 a day that’s 4.4 million more than men in nearly two-thirds of countries women are more likely than men to report for insecurity despite recent progress access to quality education is still not universal globally 15 million girls will never get a chance to read or write compared to 10 million boys climate change has it a proportionate impact on women and children there are 14 times as likely as men to die during a disaster the majority of urban women are living in conditions where they lack access to clean water improve sanitation facilities durable housing or sufficient living space in many areas the current rate of progress is too slow to achieve the SDGs by 2030 to turn promises into action we need to step it up now we need public action to tackle inequalities and discrimination we need to invest in policies and programs that work for women and girls we need more and better data to assess whether what we are doing for women and girls actually works and we need greater accountability at all levels for commitments made but not met let’s turn these promises into action and gender equality into a lived reality for all women and girls it’s up to all of us to ensure the journey is successful [Music]

Women and Economy

What does women’s presence in the world’s economy currently look like?

What you’ll find is that economic prosperity and gender equality go hand in hand. This is different than economic growth, which means that developed countries with a large GDP, who want to become more prosperous, must empower the status of women and women’s empowerment.

Conversely, in terms of economic growth, many struggling countries are realizing the value of having women in the workforce.

Why Women Empowerment is Important in 2019

If you’d like to learn more about the current state of women’s empowerment, go here: why women empowerment is important in 2019

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