How to Ship a Dog

You need to ship your dog. Not sure what that entails? What’s it like for the dog? What about your wallet?

You need to ship your dog? Read here. Woof! #BeTraveling BeDiscovering #BeBold #BeDiscoverable #BeApp

This article will give you the crash course in shipping your dog, and what to expect.

How to Ship a Dog to Another State

What do you need to do to ship your doggie to another state?

First, take a deep breath. Don’t be overwhelmed. Instead, picture arriving at your destination and seeing your baby frolic joyously towards you.

There are a number of businesses offering services. Before diving in to see which is best for you, you’ll want to gather some basic info about your pup.

  • Gather paperwork and documentation
  • Breed
  • Name, ID tags, Chips
  • Weight
  • Special needs
  • Name of states to and from
  • Dates of departure and arrival
  • Distance traveled

Once you’ve got all of that you’re ahead of the curve. Not too bad, right? Next is just finding a travel service of your choosing and requesting a quote. Tip: most companies offer free quotes, and there are many to choose from that do so.

UPS Dog Shipping

Can you UPS your dog? Safely? Comfortably?


You can ship your dog domestically or internationally through UPS.

Here you can find the official rules and requirements from UPS.

FedEx Pet Shipping

Can you FedEx your pet? What is this experience like for the animal? What about the costs?

FedEx has a service just for pet transportation.

FedEx Express utilizes the airlines to get your pet to you. You can learn more about it on this site: Bring Fido

Long Distance Pet Transport

Can you transport your pet long distances?

Absolutely, in fact, you can even transport your pet in luxury to cut down on the stress for both you and your friend.

Happy Tails Travel offers such services.

This is especially helpful if your animal has a lot of anxiety when it comes to car rides. It takes time to get most pets acclimated to travel and it requires a lot more in the way of preparation, pit-stops, and planning.

International Pet Shipping

Can you send your dog across borders and over-seas?

Including UPS, there are a number of services.

Contacting embassies in both the departing and arriving countries is a great place to start. After that, find a list of airlines willing to ship your pet and find out what they require.

For a broader view of the topic, here’s a short video to fill you in:

here are some tips on how to prepare your pet for international travel when you’re relocating the most important thing is plan ahead there are a lot of different rules and regulations for each country and they are all different so it can be kind of hard to figure out what’s needed once you know the rules do they require quarantine do they not once you get a handle of what’s needed then you can start the vaccination process and get everything get everything in order the second most important thing is finding a veterinarian that’s gonna be able to assist you through all of this you do need to find one that is accredited and who’s gonna be able to sign those international documents 100% accuracy is mandatory for these documents if they’re not Mandarin the usda can deny the endorsement the country can deny your pet once they arrive causing lots of different issues part of our services here are assisting your vet one-on-one with any questions they may have with those documents that are viewing it to make sure everything’s filled out correctly third step is making sure you have all the paperwork you need every country has different documents that is needed some just require health certificate some an import permit there’s a lot that is required so what you need to do is find out what you need where to obtain these documents how to get them filled out and what to do once they’re signed by the vet airports can turn away pets if the documents aren’t correct which can cause a long delay in your travels countries can deny pets when they arrive which could cause a lot of issues on the other end so that’s what we’re here for is to help you sort through it all make sure everything is in perfect order once the pet arrives third fourth step is the crate you want to make sure you get an airline approved crate every airline has different rules on what they require how it’s held together how the pet fits in it so you want to make sure that everything is in order with that as well you also want to make sure your pet is acclimated to it because that is what is going to help reduce your pet stress if they are comfortable in their crate last but not least is finding a good flight the biggest priority is finding them most direct flight with the least lake mana layover as possible then we want to look for the least expensive for you airlines have their own policies there’s there are some options with other airlines that are better than other so we do help you as professionals sort through that and give you the best options available then we help you formulate a plan start to finish of every single thing you’re going to need

American Airlines Pet Shipping

How does American Airlines handle pet shipping?

They have a lot of experience doing so.

Laws, services, regulations, terms and conditions…these things all change. AA is very welcome to questions and maintains a 24/7 helpdesk.

You can visit their official site here: https://www.aacargo.com/learn/animals.html

Or go straight to their helpdesk by emailing AA questions about shipping your pet

Pet Ground Transport

Looking for a pet moving service that uses automobiles?

There are many companies to choose from.

Businesses like 4 Paws on Wheels use van and kennels to move your dog. You can opt in to group pet travel, where your dog travels with friends, or for VIP treatment, you can request private transportation.

Because there are many factors to consider, most companies offer free quotes for your specific animal, destination, and travel dates. Welcome to the secret world of Pet-Traffic-Control.

Shipping Puppies from Breeders

Picking up a new puppy straight from the breeder? But…can’t be there to pick it up?

Most pet shipping services are puppy friendly.

You will likely need to procure your own shipping company. Before you do, talk to the breeder. If this isn’t their first rodeo, they will often have something in place or good recommendations.

Different pet shipping companies charge for different things. Some charge solely by region.

Read these if you are traveling with a cat or traveling with a dog and need some insight into pet transport services and find yourself some pet friendly airlines.

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