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Social Media – The Inside Scoop

Inside Scoop - Social Media

Here’s some inside scoop for you… in this world, there are three types of tools.

In a positive set of hands, these tools have the power to shape and change one’s life for the better.

In a negative set of hands, they can become a detriment to your plans.

And in no hands at all… they remain as nothing but a pair of tools.

Social media is a prime example of a tool, a tool that falls into all three of these categories. It’s not hard today to see how important they are to modern society, but just how powerful are they?

Social Media: Drive Traffic On Easy Mode – Inside Scoop

With the discovery of the internet, we’ve really stumbled upon something powerful, especially in regards to marketing – and we’ll share some of the inside scoop with you.

The power of being able to find your targets and put content right in front of them.

It’s not even hard to set up a Facebook page, curate a few status updates tailored to your ideal customer base, drop a link, and watch the numbers climb like monkeys going for bananas.

Especially when 68% of adults in America happen to have Facebook.

Pretty simple, and it definitely beats that classic waiting game of waiting for your rank on Google to climb up so that people know when you’ve posted new content.

Social Media: Conversion Booster

There’s something magical about being able to whip out your phone, type up a nice, interesting offer, craft it in 280 characters or less, and shoot it out there for the whole world to see.

And that’s literally all it can take to see a notable increase in your conversions.

The more eyes that you have on your offer?

That’s more traffic, and the more traffic means that you have a higher chance of landing a conversion.

And thanks to the vast reach of the internet and social media, you could just continue to grow without a cap to your reach!

Social Media: The Inside Scoop

How could a business figure out more about their customers?

What if there were only some kind of way that you could always have a direct line of sight on what makes them tick?

Want some inside scoop? Well, that’s what Facebook pages and other social media platforms are for.

We no longer rely on older, more time-consuming methods to garner feedback and understanding from the customers, like surveys in the mail and the like?

Why go through all of that trouble when Jimmy on Facebook makes it very clear that his cat (or maybe him) absolutely can’t get enough of their favorite brand of catnip?

Why go through the trouble of putting gas in the tank and driving to where you think your customers frequent when you can just hop on Twitter and watch the real-time conversations about their favorite coffee mugs?

The insights are right there, in plain sight!

We just have to make sure that we’re on these platforms and keeping an ear to the street.

Social Media: Real Relationships

If you have your brand on social media, take a step back and notice what the other brands that are killing it are doing.

No, they aren’t just sticking to the massive, faceless corporation routine that just wants your money shtick anymore.

No, they’re humanizing their brands.

They’re letting actual humans run their social media, making posts that sound less like Larry from corporate giving you the tried and true rundown of what to expect…

And sounding more like Larry’s college-aged daughter, who loves to give sassy replies on Twitter and oozes humor with every tweet that they release.

It may sound counterintuitive, but just look at the fast-food chains’ social media pages!

They’re placing eyes on their products via viral tweets and posts, fostering relationships with people due to their focus on sounding like an everyday person, and therefore killing it in the process.

Here is the inside scoop – all it took was a switch-up in the approach, now they reap the awards.

Well, those are some of the reasons why social media is such a powerful tool when it comes to marketing. Are you sitting on any other reasons why social media is an invaluable tool? 

Comment below and let us know!

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