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What Is Personal Branding?

What is “personal” branding, a buzzword, a fad? Personal branding is the professional memory of yourself that you create.

It’s quantifying how you portray yourself professionally. If you don’t think you have a specific professional impression, then it’s probably: “unprofessional person”.

Why You Need a Personal Brand

The above statement might have made you feel like a nobody. Or a bad-body.

Remember that you are both relatable and unique. You’re human, and there are things that you do that will resonate with other people.


Once you begin figuring out what those qualities are, you can use them to define yourself as an authority on what you know.


Maybe you’re a creative person who’s really into photography. Maybe you hate cold weather. Maybe you also travel a lot. So maybe, you begin a photo blog of “Pictures of Warm Places” and everyone in Siberia starts following you (a total of 14 people, but still…)

If you go deeper, you’ll see personal branding is far more nuanced. Here’s a question you can ask yourself.

What is my professional look and feel?

Personal Branding to Network in Person

Imagine you’re in a room full of opportunities, but you don’t know how to start the conversation. You don’t know who’s who, you don’t know who’s going to smile at what you have to say, and who’s going to stare at you like they can’t figure out why you’re talking.

Personal branding provides your icebreaker.

You can use your personal brand content to navigate an event. Show off your #warmlife photos or content blog to find out who would like to connect with you.

How to Build Your Personal Brand

You don’t want to be a duplicate…and everyone’s got a camera or a skill that you have.

Don’t sweat it and keep being you, is the short answer. Use what you’ve got and you’ll find that it puts you in the conversation. Once you do that, you’ll see all the other people who aren’t doing it. They’re not in the conversation, so, sadly they will not be remembered. It’s like they don’t know what personal branding is or something.

Many influencers are the epitome of personal branding. They keep shouting their own name, story, and accomplishments until they turn into actual industry-wide known brands.

This is a big topic, but if you’re ready to dive in, here’s the ultimate guide to getting started.

What a Personal Brand Allows You to Do

Don’t like your job? Feel very limited by your options in life? Does your life-style need shaken up?

What makes you YOU is the core of it. That’s the nucleus, the engine, the flux capacitor (not idea what those do but they sound important). And it’s your way out. The way you break free of the mold is by not fitting into it.

Develop your “voice” on social media, in content blogs, in posts, comments, and definitely in video. Ring clear about who you are as a professional. 

Don’t believe me? Check out these influencers. Many of them say the same things as the others. But they’ve all got their own presence, a different “look and feel”, and their own loyal followers.

Personal Branding Through Social Media

Ready to get your personal brand up and running on social media?  Check out this post: Branding on Social Media

Transcript: no one’s coming to push you no one’s coming to tell you to turn the TV off no one’s coming to tell you to get out the door and exercise the bottom line is no one’s coming no one you may or may not have seen the TED talk that I gave a few years ago one of the things that surprised me the most about that talk is that we hear from people around the world that write about one segment in particular and let me play that segment for you because it sets up the conversation for today and it’s this concept of parenting yourself when you become 18 nobody tells you that it’s now going to be your job to parent yourself and by parent yourself I mean it’s your job to make yourself do the crap you don’t want to do so you can be everything that you’re supposed to be and you’re so damn busy waiting to feel like it and you’re never going to my son never feels like getting off his DS that’s my job get off the damn vs Kendall clean up the Barbies if you’re gonna have a nude party in my bathroom at least clean it up God chew with your mouth closed we’re on a barn for crying out loud all right dinners coming get out of the pantry as parents and you were a kid your parents make you do the things you don’t feel like doing because you won’t ever not now not then not ever and even when you get good at something you’ll figure out something else you don’t want to do and then you’ll plateau out and you’ll get boring I hate this job this is boring yeah but will you look for now you’ll just bitch about that one it’s very very simple to get what you want but it’s not easy Wow you know that talk was six years ago I cannot believe how little my kids back then and I also hate watching it because that was the first time I had ever given a speech so my voice is like really screechie and I swear which I typically don’t do on stage ever so Wolfe anyway this concept of parenting yourself is really really important for you to wrap your brain around and let me dig into it just a little bit I write extensively in part two of the five-second rule book about how we make decisions and the fact that we make decisions not based on what we know we need to do not based on our goals but based on how we feel right now it’s your feelings that make the decision for you it’s one of the reasons why parents are so important for kids because if we let it up to kids to do whatever they felt like doing they’d never go to school they’d never do their homework they’d never used their manners they’ve never learned to eat correctly they’d never do anything they just sit around and watch TV all day that’s the job of a parent what most of us don’t realize though and this is what I was alluding to in the TED talk is that when you become 18 when you move out of the house when you’re an adult you have to parent yourself here’s the rub you’re never ever ever ever going to feel like doing the things you need to do in order to have what you want you’re always going to need to push yourself you’re always going to need to parent yourself so what is the net advice on this what what is the bottom line the bottom line is no one’s coming no one no one’s coming to push you no one’s coming to tell you to turn the TV off no one’s coming to tell you to get out the door and exercise nobody’s coming to tell you to apply for that job that you’ve always dreamt about nobody’s coming to write the business plan for you it’s up to you and because you’re only ever gonna do the things that you feel like doing right now or that feel good right now unless you understand that you’ve got to parent yourself you got to push yourself you’re not gonna make your dreams come true you’re just not we’re not wired that way you’re born that way you weren’t that way when you’re going up and you’re certainly not that way as an adult and there’s a tremendous amount of liberation that comes when you accept the fact that you’re always going to need to give yourself a push

Transcript: Hello everyone the question I select for this week is how can I be more productive? Productivity has become an addiction in our society it’s taken place were self worth should be but when we think the self-worth is dependent on what we do we try to do as much as we possibly can this leads to an exhausting lifestyle. In truth productivity should only be the result of inspiration when one is inspired the productivity takes no effort, manifestation and fruition is the quick a natural byproduct being in the flow of creation. Creation as a result of inspiration. inspiration insures that any action we take is backed by Universal Energy the same energy that creates world. So the real question is not how do I become more productive it ‘How do I become more inspired?’ Inspiration is the natural byproduct allowing yourself to go in the direction of happiness, most people think they’re already doing this when they aren’t here’s what I mean you may think that having a certain amount of money will make you feel happy so you get a job you don’t like thinking that that money is going to ensure future happiness so which is actually done is you have eliminated the possibility as happiness in the now for the promise a potential happiness in the future this is the opposite of going in the direction of happiness it is a perfectly valide desire to have money and as much of it as you possibly want but if you’re working a job you hate in order to get it you’re sacrificing your current happiness for the promise of future happiness and by doing so you’re cut off the flow of source energy to the current moment you will start to feel burnt-out and not passionate. If you want to feel inspiration you have got to allow yourself to do what makes you happy and to it makes you feel passion. If you don’t know what that is yet you gotta try things out figure out what it is, your productivity level will skyrocket as a result of you feeling passion in your life. the passion is the result of you going in the direction of happiness that’s how you allow universal energy into your being to such a degree that you’re even able to create thinks. Passion makes productivity effortless. it makes it so even the energy you exert to do something feels good instead of bad. here are some tips which will help you to be more productive the first is don’t wait for the perfect time at the perfect conditions to act people who are the most productive understand the value of immediacy and if you create your reality why would you wait for external conditions to change in order to create what you want to create here. There’s serious value to being immediate about things and value to acting. You don’t have to know everything in advance You can’t all of life is a learning curve, you will learn things as you go. The most important and difficult step to being more productive is to just start whatever project is that you’re thinking of starting. Tip number two is think big : set big goals that are far out in the future that are enormous you wanna aim as high as you possibly can the reason is this: if you aim high even if you don’t achieve that goal that you set, you’ll achieve much more than you could possibly dream of if you’re reaching higher, let me explain what I mean we can think that this in terms of a long jumper it’s a long jumper set a goal jumping thirty feet he is less likely to make its thirty feet because his mind sees that number as a hard to accomplish thing is however he sets the goall jumping to 35 feet his brain automatically undervalues every number under that and so because he is so focused on that extreme distance he’s likely to make it quickly to 30 feet or even more and thus set a world record. Tip number three is get rid of your tools distraction this means turn off your television quit playing video games and don’t allow yourself to get distracted by Facebook or any number of things that are on the Internet distraction abounds in today’s society its all around you but if you get distracted it’s wasted time it’s time that you could be applying to something productive to your larger goals in your greater purpose here tip number four is at night time before you go to sleep make a list of everything you want to accomplish the next day then the next day as you go along cross off these items on the list as you do them .This is going to accomplish two things: first its gonna make sure that you are organized, organizing your time makes it easier to structure your time efficiently the second thing is gonna do when you see those items crossed off make you feel productive and if you know anything about the law of attraction the more productive you feel the more productive you will be. Tip number five quit multitasking humans aren’t capable of multitasking anyways, pick one thing you want to accomplish see it through to the very end before you pick up another task. Tip number six break down your big goals in to small steps and then break those small steps in the even smaller steps we have a tendency when we’re taking on projects of getting incredibly overwhelmed, I know I do the way to shortcut that overwhelm is to quit looking at the entire staircase that’s what we’re doing really when we set a goal we’re looking at the entire staircase and set up the stair in front of us us if we would start looking at the entire staircase and simply look at the next step in front of us and the next step next up we would find ourselves at the top of that staircase having accomplish what it is that we set out to accomplish very quickly. Tip number seven: take care of your body by exercising getting enough sleep and eating healthy foods when you move your body you reduce your stress levels and clear your mind plus it may seem counterintuitive when you exercise you actually increase your energy level so it will be easier to complete your tasks. When you allow yourself to sleep you allow your body to recharge and reboot you will have much more energy to dedicate to your work, imagine a world-class sprinter staying up all night and then trying to run a race the next day their energy levels will be depleted but this is the same thing you’re expecting of your mind your mind needs time to recharge and eating healthy foods enables your body and mind to support your work, it is the building blocks in your physical body, eating a unhealthy diet and eating sporadically greatly inhibit your productivity level. Tip number eight this tip is the very most important tip all of them I want to introduce this concept to you because it’s a spiritual concept: is the concept of the highest and best use of your time it’s basically the idea that you want to organize your day and your time according to the highest use of your time and according to the best use of your time. Knowing of course that the highest and best use of your time always changes, sometimes the highest and best use of our time is play, other times it’s work we must have the discernment to know what our priority is for the current moment so we are using our energies in their most efficient way towards their most effective use. Create the habit of asking yourself this question: What is the highest and best use of my time right now? ask yourself this question all day long, use it to organize your tasks in terms of what has the most priority right here and now you can use it organized the list you write in terms of priority, if you’re sitting down and you’re watching TV or you find yourself distracted ask yourself this question: ask yourself this question when you finish task don’t be fooled sometimes if we’re honest with ourselves, the highest and best use of our time is in fact taking a break. In my community this question is a staple for everyday lives it is a demonstration of appreciation for life itself it is to say I honor this life that I am living to the degree that I am committed to it and to the degree that I will use the gifts I am and out with an exalt my hours here in earth to their highest potential is a profoundly spiritual commitment to make in the form is a very simple question since I started asking myself this question every day my productivity level has skyrocketed so I teach you this tip not just because it’s an OK idea, but form years and years of personal experience let’s face it we all want to be more and have more and do more this enterprising spirit as part of the human experience is a beautiful desire when it does not being fueled by the idea that we are not good enough with what we are and what we have and what we do right here and now. Productivity is a natural byproduct of inspiration which is the result of following your joy and doing what makes you passionate. So long story short find out what you’re passionate about by being brave enough to go in the direction of your happiness and then you won’t need any of these tips the inspiration will flow from you so freely that you could not hold back your creations even if you wanted to and all the steps to bring this creations to fruition will simply take care of themselves have to goog week Music Subtitles by the Amara.org community

Transcript: do you want to be buffer do you want to be tougher do you want to be more spiritually free you’re gonna need discipline self-discipline you need to become a disciple you need to have a vision something to believe in and aim for here’s how discipline functions in my life I meditate first thing in the morning I pray first thing in the morning I attend Brazilian Jujitsu I attend support groups for my various and much-discussed mental illnesses and what that does is like it’s quite good the thing is at this pin people miss the point I don’t want to meditate I don’t like meditating I can’t meditate good because you are going to become a person that does and if you already liked it you wouldn’t need it all I don’t want to do Brazilian Jujitsu I feel inferior to the people that do it longer than me and a better writer than me or more athletic or stronger or whatever it is good because you are going to cut become a person that doesn’t feel those things and the only way to do that is through discipline which is a kind of faith I suppose discipline is faith in action you believe that you are going to become a better person if you attend these support groups work a 12-step program go to Brazilian Jujitsu meditate twice a day make sure you are present with your children or your partner or every person that you interact with discipline this is a discipline if I don’t eat this food discipline don’t be hard on yourself you can’t do it alone I have so much support I go that’s fire go to a support group so people go yeah it is hard isn’t it so hard and I parent myself I parent myself in real time at the old druzy Jiu Jitsu bloody hell look at these guys there’s so much more muscley than me and tougher I’m gonna be killed you are gonna be killed but little Russell I say to him and just do this in my hand I’m not mental I don’t outloud go on a jiu-jitsu dojo I go it’s ok Russell we are here to learn you’re not here to impress anybody we’re not here to become a Brazilian jiu-jitsu world champion simply here to learn you’re not competing against them you’re competing against the person you used to be as you continue to grow as you continue to grow into the man you were intended to be so just attend this is okay I’ll look after you I treat the little nervous Russell from childhood like he’s just a little guy like you know she’ll be like me I’ll take care of ya it’s gonna be okay I can handle all this stuff you know because I can through diplomacy and quietness and charm and acceptance I’ve all sorts of tools and techniques that the Glitter guy that still feels nervous you just didn’t have access to them discipline is the route to change this is how you will all yourself it requires letting go of sloth and laziness kind of and I’m like I don’t ever want to do any of the things that make my life better I heard someone say it once it’s like if you’ve got a new he says you can happily say I like his example it’s like if you’ve got a new girlfriend because of cleaning your teeth because you’ve got nice teeth how once you have the girl finger or cooling booty for anymore in this allegory the girlfriend is the spirit of happiness the cleaning the teeth is the discipline and the tendency to neglect a practice that makes you better is the problem that we have if you find out that exercising makes you feel better be kind to the future you look after you I have to look after future Russell right future Russell I’m gonna look after you by being disciplined I’m gonna have God willing you know children in their teens when I’m in my 50s I got up we fear God willing I got to be fit and able to play and four and whatever the hell it is these at the moment girls want to do so you know I’ve got to stay disciplined I’ve got to be disciplined and you’ve got to be disciplined to lack of discipline means you don’t love yourself discipline isn’t self-punishing itself love you need to re what you need to work on the messaging you’re not doing it to punish yourself it’s not self flagellation or more vocational dilation of their flesh it is honoring the divine in you through practice whether that’s yoga or some other form of exercise or practice you must have it you may need some mentor to help you it find people that already do it martial arts is amazing for that because mentorship comes for free 12-step fellowships are amazing for that mentorship comes for free these are but two ways of bringing discipline into your life if you don’t have it and I for a long time didn’t drug addict no discipline except the discipline of get drugs and sometimes that game you know the financial demands and the problems it creates is a sort of weird wacky discipline in it discipline is necessary if you don’t give it to yourself life will give it to you and it won’t be a nice value hello I’m doing these new videos more frequently now please hit the notification button at the end of this video then you’ll get a like a little bell when there I post a new video and I’d like you to get a little bill when I post the video then I can I don’t know be buffing away in your pocket sounds like I’d be like a little pocket mosquito anyway subscribe click the bell to want more people to watch their YouTube videos you specifically

Transcript: hey grant cardone here on my way out from my home here in Miami and pulled over actually because here it is Monday morning you know this might be finding you on some other day other than Monday if you don’t know who I am I have written seven books and 13 business programs I’ve been working with companies for I don’t know 25 years now and entrepreneurs and CEOs on how to grow their businesses but that’s not what I want to talk to you today about I haven’t always been a respected consultant coach businesses you know years ago didn’t call me and say hey come fix my business so come help me with my business or come help me grow my business nobody knew me I was actually what I want to talk to you about today is inconsistencies and how look if you’re inconsistent in your life right now if you’re having trouble showing up on Mondays or Tuesdays or Wednesdays or Thursdays or whatever day right or you’re having trouble staying consistent you’re having trouble staying with it or you’re going up and down if you’ve ever been labeled a DD or ADHD or bipolar I mean somebody might think I’m bipolar a TD or something just because I pulled over today I was on my way to the office and I’m like I had this kind of gnawing sense of I don’t know a little light gray depression and it reminded me I’ve experienced this most of my life I’ve experienced like a little bit of unsureness I don’t know what you call it exactly you know one morning you wake up you’re ready I’m gonna take on the world and the next day you’re like I don’t know what to do today what’s going to happen today was leaving I was leaving today and God that works with me said hey have a great day today I was like yeah I’m going to try to make something happen you know and I was aware at that moment how many times in my life I’ve woken up like not sure I think it started happening for me years ago like like probably around 12 or 13 I didn’t know what to do everyday what’s what are they going to bring up maybe it’s after watching so much TV and eating so much sugar you not think our diet definitely have a lot to do with all that but look I want to give you something today about how to get out of the funk the funky hunk dunk when I by the time I was 25 this thing went on from 12 to 25 at 25 years old I was in so much depression every day I was using drugs alcohol I was self-medicating constantly making bad decisions I lived in a 275 I mean I just remember how much it was it was $275 a month and every other month I couldn’t make the bill the payment I was late today I live in this joint right here I live up on the 33rd floor of this place and a completely different life today than I had been 25 I went to a treatment center for 20 28 days for drug addiction I was using drugs every day hated it because something worse than drugs is how you feel about yourself I hated myself every time I did drugs every time I smoked weed every time every time I did any drug the moment I put the pill in my mouth the weed to my mouth something in my nose I needed myself I never felt good about using drugs and so by the time I was 25 I had been using drugs for 10 years but my problems started before that my problems didn’t start with the drugs it started with my inability to manage this light grade chronic depression this for lack of better words this this idea that I wasn’t good enough this idea that that uh that I didn’t love myself you know that that you know my mom gave him my mom quit on me my mom told me hey don’t come around here anymore my twin brother pretty much was done with me my sisters both knew that I was in trouble and we’re like oh my god you know we’re gonna get a call on him today the people I worked with the principal at the high school I went to said I couldn’t couldn’t windall catcher in my 11th and 12th grade told my mom that my student my PE teacher said I would amount to nothing I wrecked my car on my driver’s ed test I failed my driver’s license test I was fired from my first six jobs wouldn’t leave the six one kid I’m telling you I was a loser loser okay I’m telling you loser and I didn’t have to ask other people nobody had to tell me I was a loser I knew I was a loser so look if you’ve ever been there I know there’s people watching this right now maybe you don’t even know who I am you’re like who’s this dude talking about himself you know I’ve come from that where I was bankrupt spiritually financially physically I weighed 134 pounds that’s 40 pounds less than I weigh today I was broken every way possible I didn’t have any money I was in debt but worst the worst thing the worst of the worst of the worst was how I felt about myself I got a treatment center the counselor told me on the way out of the treatment center if you read my last book be obsessed or be averaged it was the first book that I really shared anything about my life about seven of my books that that one gives you a kind of a look and something I like more than anything and maybe what I’ll do is in this maybe what others I’ll have my guys give you give you a chapter that book free and not what I came here to give you I want to do I do want to give you something but maybe my guys could put a couple of different links in here for you so I got on that treatment center and the counselor said to me I think his name was Philip I don’t remember the guy now hated his guts then I still don’t think much of him he said to me God was really confused he was more confusing I was he said now that I look back he said to me he said to me he said hey if you leave here if you leave here and you don’t give up you know because when you’re there you spill your guts tell them everything and I told him I wanted to be rich and famous and help people and write books and you know be known all over the world he says if you don’t give all those ideas okay I think he called it grandiosity you don’t give up all these grandiose ideas of changing the world being rich being famous if you don’t change all those ideas there you’ll never ever ever make it you’ll never stay what do you call it you’ll never stay dry and sober my problem wasn’t with alcohol it was with drugs but you know when you’re drug in your alcohol and so I left there I left that place and I said dude I’m gonna make it I’m gonna show this guy I’m gonna show this guy I’m gonna get rich I’m gonna get famous come to change the world I’m gonna be known for somebody doing something I’m not using any more drugs i’ma show this guy fill up whatever his name was I forgot his name I’m gonna show this dude and I’m gonna show everybody else but most importantly I’m gonna show myself I can make it and I’m gonna make it big and when I make it big one day I’m gonna help people I’m gonna pull over on a Monday morning like I’m pulling over right now and tell people how I got how I made it okay now today just so you understand the sit situation today I have remember where I was at when I was 25 today I’m on four businesses we do about a hundred million dollars a year in sales I have five hundred million dollars with the real estate I bought and sold three-quarters of a billion dollars where the real estate and written seven books thirteen business programs I’ve traveled all over the world speaking to audiences we had a connects growth conference last year with 2,500 people guys like Daymond John Kevin Harrington all the Sharks were there I mean I have an unbelievable life today two beautiful children a beautiful wife that I somehow convinced to be with me and unbelievable customers and clients and and friends in my life I live in Miami I live in this place called regalia’s 33 I live on a 33rd floor it’s 40 and I think it’s 42 floors every floor somebody owns a floor the whole floor I mean it’s unbelievable I live I got this great car right here you can see the little little Horrors on it get a friend bought me by the way okay you know what nobody knows about this car I didn’t buy a buddy bought it for me I mean how good a friend is that so why am I telling you all that I’m telling you all that to say look I’m still waking up this morning saying hey what am I going to do today okay look it’s not depression it’s not you you don’t have a disease you’re not powerless and you’re not unmanageable like you told me in that treatment center they said I was powerless unmanageable my life was out of order I can never have control that I was just a manic bipolar ATD ADHD I was manifesting addictions and symptoms of addiction it was because of all my losses in my life and ah and I’m like man dude look come on me you know it can’t like is that it I’m just gonna throw my hands up and I’m done I left that treatment center and this is what I did to solve my problem okay if you if you are or ever have been where I am right now you’re kind of a menace to yourself your family and society you know and I know the feeling of that it’s like what are you going to do every day okay my depression came from one thing this is going to blow your mind when you hear this okay this is what my depression came from no purpose I didn’t have a purpose I wasn’t working my purpose out okay now now that seems like kind of esoteric like how do I find out my purpose okay here’s the trick to the purpose thing you don’t need to know what your purpose is you need to throw yourself completely into something that you can measure throw yourself into something that you can actually affect and move anything anything like throw yourself into something where you can score now when I was 25 I don’t know how many different things there are to do this I just know that sales as much as I hated sales I hated meeting people greeting people talking to people handling people’s objections calling on the phone cold calling I’m actually an introvert by nature you know if I’m not around my buddies or an environment where I know everybody or I’m being paid to speak it’s very difficult for me just to walk up and talk to people I know that might seem more to you today or hard for you to believe because I’m sitting here doing this video it’s not easy for me you know don’t assume that just because somebody can talk or do a video or get on stage that it’s easy for them to do that they might be somebody completely different off stage it might be a little awkward it’s always been awkward for me but you know your speak in front of you do 2000 presentations and one at a time and at some point you get used to it you’re like oh I’m not going to get eaten you know I remember the first time I went surfing in California and I was I was paddling out there I started worrying about the Sharks you know by the time I had served 50 times I didn’t think about him anymore because I had fifty experiences where they didn’t eat me same thing with speaking to people same thing with extra birding you know getting outside of yourself talking to people the same thing with getting sober you know you put one day second day third day fourth day next thing you know you like dude man I got this dog I got this I ain’t gonna use drugs again so when I was 25 the problem was what am I going to throw myself into what is my purpose so I was at a sales job at the time hated it and decided dude I hate that Phillip dude more than I hate sales I’m gonna use sales to show Phillip Philippe the counselor dude whatever his name was I’m gonna show that guy I’m gonna show my mom I’m going to show my brother i’ma show myself more importantly I’m gonna show myself I’m gonna show everybody I’m gonna show mr. Crawford the principal from high school that I can be great at something and I threw myself into that sales job now understand I didn’t like sales okay I grabbed a program I said I just started asking the guys hey do you guys have any training is there any training education I’ve been in sales for two years and tried it probably five times before that awful awful okay so I asked I asked some of the guys there I said you have anything and the guy that owned the place three or four days later flipped me a cassette tape and I listened to it over and over again honey remember the name of it anymore but it was like how to sell something I was like wow there’s a way to do this now I’m telling you all that not to talk to you about sales even though I want to give you something on sales but most importantly I want to give you that be obsessed to be average most of you I know are not in sales you don’t like sales you don’t want to learn sales who wants to be a Salesman anyway right but if you do want to link on sales I’m going to give you something I’m going to give you I’m going to give you something that that that if you use this I guarantee I don’t care if you’re terrible at sales it’ll make you good if you’re good who’ll make you great if you’re great it’ll turn you into a master and if you don’t like sales listen to it anyway I’ll show you how to give anything you want life okay it was an award-winning program and and I want to give it to you okay so check it out called seller be sold and I’m talking to you about seller be sold right now because here’s the deal I was sold that I was an attic I was sold then I was broke I was sold that I was powerless I was sold that I was unmanageable and I bought it I bought it and it caused me even when I finished using drugs could of stopped using drugs it caused me to continue to not do well and I don’t want that to happen to you okay see see when I learned in the sales game this is what I learned I learned how to sell myself every day on doing things I don’t want to do I learned how to sell myself on doing whatever it takes whatever it takes okay whatever it takes I learned how to do whatever it takes professionally okay to learn how to show everybody whatever it takes I can get my money right my physical condition right family right how can I get what I want in life how can I actually score see see the thing is you need a purpose okay and the purpose has to be tied to something you can measure you understand what I’m saying you got to build a measure if you can’t measure if you can’t measure you’re going to feel depressed and down okay so let grab the link cost you nothing and in spill out the information we’ll send you that will send you the content listen to it on your phone listen to it on your phone it’s going to show you exactly how to get whatever you want life most of what everybody wants in life is not about money not about money and you pull over here and I suppose be doing this and driving come on land I getting I got I got a start acting like a decent decent member of society I’m pretty well so most of us well most of us want most of us don’t care about look you don’t care about living in our in a high-rise most of you don’t even want that okay you don’t want two rolls-royce you don’t want to but you don’t want to be a millionaire most people don’t want that what most people want is they want to be happy okay you can’t be happy without a purpose and you can’t have a purpose is not measurable and if you have a purpose and it is measurable and you can’t achieve it you’re not going to be happy so the point of that is this if you can’t get your way in life guess what you’re going to be a miserable freakin human being I know I’m talking from personal experience if miserable human being for for twenty years was in the dictionary my face would be right next to it little about this big said this is what a miserable human being looks like tremendous potential and not living up to it but that describes you okay don’t count yourself out and please don’t label yourself a DD ADHD or COPD or OD D or whatever the hell they call you they just call y’all that because they don’t know what the hell’s wrong with you and they don’t know what to tell you what to do I’ll tell you what to do quit using drugs quit drinking alcohol watch out who you hanging around okay but most importantly I’m telling you more important than all the all those things get it get it get it get a job you can measure not a job where you just get a paycheck get a job where you can measure and you can actually influence the results of it get a job where you can change your income from 5,000 to 6,000 get a job where you can change your income from 3 grand if you don’t have that job do something in your life that can move you from 3 grand to 4 grand 4 grand to 5 grand 5 grand to 10 grand 10 grand to 20 grand I know money won’t make you happy but I tell you what will your ability to move yourself and measure it okay so grab the link below I hope this helps you I hope it finds you well man I hope you’re not as troubled as I was okay I’m not so troubled today have I have high-class problems today I’m so grateful for where I’m at and what I’ve done in my life and I’m grateful for you and I promised I promised myself when I walked out of that treatment center I promised myself I am going to help other people fill up or whatever your name is I don’t think to do to name was Phil I know this I know this he’s the one that said I couldn’t make it and if I did if I did go for it you know don’t have high expectations that’s going to disappoint you so dude if I don’t have high expectations I don’t want to live so look have some high expectations okay grab the link get the data tell me what happens okay doesn’t cost you anything imma give it to you if it does something for your mind tell other people about GC grant cardone okay I want to help you I’m making I’m paying it forward now this was my commitment I’m going to help other people let me help you I want to help you if you’re down and out if you’re struggling if you’re having trouble right now please let me help you okay and stay away from these people to tell you I think big and dream big just because they gave up I mean you need to be great [Music]
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