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Social Media Trends Of Q3 2019

As the years go on, the dreams of the past are finally realized in the present – where our lives seem to e shaped by social media trends.

Technology and our lives are intertwined.

For better, or for worse.

Social media trends 2019

With the vast majority of our world being at our fingertips via the internet, one would be a fool to deny the importance of social media in today’s age.

There have been several key social media trends that the savvy marketer needs to take notice of and strategize around, and luckily for you, we’ve decided to list three of them below. 

Social Media Trend #1: Humanizing The Brands Gets The Trust

In the past few years, big social media corporations have been losing face with the public. From the “Facebook is spying on us!” wave to Twitter and Tumblr being cleansed of millions of bot and spam accounts, and Instagram influencers having fake followers, there’s not much faith that consumers put in big brands anymore.

So what does this mean in terms of social media trends?

This means that the approaches have to change.

People look towards their immediate circle as the ones to trust now, so a valid strategy would be to focus more on creating interactions that can feel personalized. The people want authentic interactions, not soulless back-and-forths with a large corporation behind the screen.

Social Media Trend #2: Target Acquired, Seek Engagement

When utilizing social media metrics to determine just how much interaction the brand is receiving, it’s easy to get caught up in the vanity metrics that everybody loves to gawk at.





You get the idea, but these aren’t exactly what you are looking for.

For the artist looking to get exposure, likes don’t do much if a like won’t spread their work across Twitter… but a retweet might. That’s what social media trends are about.

But to take it a step even further, instead of watching for the number of likes rising, watch for true engagement. 

Get them to interact with the brand over anything else. Interactions could go from one-off comments on a post to a full-blown conversation that draws others into the fray.

Trend #3: Stories Are The Future

In the past year or so, stories on social media platforms have been on the rise, becoming a new face of brand interaction very quickly.

What were once platforms based on reading text, stories have shifted the focus to seeing more personal, spur of the moment content.

Instagram stories seem to run things at the moment, while Facebook only has nine percent of major brands using their platform for stories.

Stories also seem to do the best when they’re shot vertically, look less polished, and fun and creative.

Those are three notable trends we’ve seen over the course of 2019! Have you noticed any other major trends? Comment down below the trends you’ve noticed on social media!

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