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Business Success Stories to Apply Today

Stories of success inspire and teach us. The best stories of business success are those that add to our toolbox. We get insights into strategies, those that have remained the same and those built for the new age.

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Inspirational Business Success Stories

You want to be inspired, not just educated.

Here’s a story of business success you haven’t heard.

A young comic (a.k.a. stand-up comedian) named Kevin Rogers spent years travelling the country, dead-broke. While he got to rub shoulders with big names you’ve likely heard of, chances are you haven’t heard of Kevin.

Kevin Rogers is now the founder of Copy Chief. An impressive 7-figure community and learning platform for wanna-be salesmen-in-print, a.k.a copywriters. Some of the most renowned marketers in the world frequent his conferences.

You can say Kevin found tremendous business success. How did he do it? How did he bridge the gap between two very different occupations?

Rogers found within the “joke formula” he used on stage another powerful use. Namely, a highly effective marketing hook.

He has a best-selling book about it as well.

The real success was found in what his previous business lacked. He was living his dream, but it didn’t feel like what he had hoped. He discovered what he was more passionate about, helping freelancers grow and connect.

Small Business Success Stories

Empires rising is nice, but what about small business success?

In every successful small business, there is a story.

The SBA has a great catalog of inspirational small business stories. Even though the businesses or profits are relatively small, the running theme is around big dreams, big challenges, and profound success.

Check out this video one of many small breweries spreading throughout the US:

Transcript: I’m Jeff Herbert and I’m the CSO at Superstition Meadery and I’m Jennifer Herbert and I’m the CEO of Superstition Meadery. Superstition Meadery began when I bought Jeff a home brew kit for Father’s Day. We decided to take this crazy hobby I got into and turned it into a company. So we we sold our house we moved to Prescott to raise our kids and the rest is history. And as you can see behind us, we’ve got lots of barrels and we make wine made from honey also known as Mead. It’s the world’s oldest fermented beverage. Arizona honey in the case of Superstition Meadery is exactly what we use in all of our mead products, but we can also use any other fruit, herb or spice or barrel to make that product unique and interesting and so we’ve made over 200 products that have been released in seven years since we started our company. The SBA has helped connect us with the different government resources that we need to acquire the funding to grow our company. Our first loan through the SBA allowed us to acquire an acre of commercial property and to design a build a state-of-the-art production facility to make our products. Our second loan through the SBA allowed us to acquire the equipment that we need it to take what we were doing from extreme home brewing to a very professional level. We’re one of ten SBDC centers in the state of Arizona and our entire mission is to work with small business owners to help them start, grow, and expand their businesses. If being named the Small Business Person of the year would be the greatest thing that we could achieve as a business and I think it means a lot for our company, our staff and the mead industry as a whole. And we couldn’t have done it alone without the support of the SBA and our advisors and other people in our small mead making community as well. Our tasting room is on the Prescott’s historic courthouse square. So as you come down the stairs you kind of get into this quiet easy space little like a speakeasy. Jeff and Jen are awesome to work with. They’re always trying to move forward and push the boundaries on products and on distribution and on our markets. I’ve watched this company start just in this basement and we got a huge production facility and we’re starting to distribute all over the world. My hope for the future of the company is true world mead domination. The great thing about Jeff and Jen is they are a couple and so there dynamic together is very cohesive. They work together very well. Superstition Meadery really has enhanced tourism in our city and they really are a destination for many of the folks that come to town. There’s a true sense of excellence and quality with what they do. They’re very meticulous about their business, making sure that everything is done precisely and I love the drive, determination and persistence they’ve shown to get where they are today. The SBA has helped us grow. Now you can actually get our products in 36 countries. None of our export success would have been possible without working hand-in-hand with the SBA and some great banks along the way. Our third and most recent SBA loan was to acquire property in downtown Phoenix and we’ve purchased a building that’s on the National Historic Registry and that will allow us to open the world’s first mead and food pairing restaurant. One thing that’s special about Jen and Jeff and how they’ve been managing their business is they’ve been very strategic about the growth and that was what struck me as they have grown from just the two-person operation in 2012 to now 22 to 25 employees. We’ve been working with Gerry Denniston and she’s been a great supporter of us she’s very excited about our small business. We’ve become more friends than just business colleagues over the course of working together, which is part of what happens as we work with small business owners. They tell us their life stories and so we become more of a personal life coach frequently rather than just a business consultant. That’s part of what makes this job really rewarding. We’re really happy that we got to be connected to the SBA through working with a Small Business Development Center. I would encourage anyone that has a small business that wants to grow in that way , to to go and seek out your options with a good bank and the SBA. You’re getting support, they point you in the right direction and advise you on how quickly you should grow. Should you expand, is this a great idea, they review your business plans and your business models and get you into a sustainable place before you really start to expand. The future of Superstition Meadery is going to involve growing our production capacity and by expanding our production we’re going to be able to reach potentially all 50 states and several more international markets. I would like to thank the SBA for believing in us and allowing us the opportunity to grow and share our vision with the rest of the world. Without them, we wouldn’t be where we are today. So thank you.

Famous Business Success Stories

What are the biggest stories and what’s the big take away?

Inc.com shares stories of the current cultural moguls

The common denominator is this. They were exceptional at what they did, they worked very hard to get to where they are now, but the defining ingredient is that they were in the right place at the right time.

It wasn’t luck exactly. They recognized opportunity, acted, and refused to give up.

Online Business Success Stories

What about solely online businesses?

The landscape is ever-changing, and the stories are never-ending.

Entrepreneur.com tells 8 stories of do-follow names in the online space.

There you’ll find stories of risk-takers and how they pulled it off.

Spoiler Alert: The principles governing their success are the same as ever.

Many online businesses start with individuals in financial crisis. They put their backs against the wall and find how to turn a profit.

Business Success Stories of 2019

What are the most notable stories of 2019?

There are many to choose and learn from.

BigCommerce hosts an article about entrepreneurship in the USA today.

Moral of the Story: People are throwing themselves into their dreams. It’s challenging, it’s still the Wild West, and the payoff could be bigger than you ever dreamed of.

Read about more here about what you need to make your business a success.

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