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Digital Strategies You Should Use

Thanks to the merging of everyday life and the internet, there have been a lot of changes as to how we view the world and choose our digital strategies.

Things aren’t so set in stone anymore.

For example, in the past, there was no such thing as making money on the internet or digital marketing?

Now? It’s a gold rush, and if you’re interested in growing your brand and getting a slice of the digital pie, here are four digital marketing strategies that you should try.

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Digital Strategy #1: SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

What’s one of the most powerful names on the internet?

Google, for one. THE search engine of all search engines and your base for digital strategies.

And if you’re on the internet promoting a brand, product, content, or anything else, you’d want people to see it.

That’s where SEO comes in. When utilizing SEO, you’re creating content with vital keywords sprinkled about in your content (in a natural way).

By using the keywords in your top-notch content, you gain a better chance of your content ranking in the Google algorithms, meaning your blog posts, articles, videos, etc are more prone to show up on the first page of google searches.

Digital #2: Social Media 

In this day and age, everyone is on the internet.

And one of the biggest things on the internet is social media so you need to consider that when choosing your digital strategies.

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and the others are instantly recognizable names, and that’s something that you should take advantage of.

It’s very common for consumers of a brand or product to follow said brand on their social media of choice, so this is where you swoop in and establish a presence.

Just by engaging with your audience via a status update on Facebook, answering questions almost instantly via Twitter, and creating eye-catching content via Instagram, you could turn all of your pages into funnels that send your customers directly to your product.

Digital #3: Retargeting

Not everyone that comes to your website is coming to buy or engage with your advertising fresh out of the gate.

Maybe your digital strategies just didn’t hit them in the right pain point, therefore not prompting them to take the next step.

Luckily for you, retargeting is a thing, a very effective thing at that.

The process of retargeting is fairly simple.

User visits your website, they get a cookie.

No not one of grandma’s chocolate chip cookies, one of those cookies that websites tell you that they need you to allow them to leave one on your computer.

This cookie tracks that user’s history, search data, and continues to show them ads for a product that they’ve seen already (your product).

It’s a simple, yet powerful digital marketing tool when applied correctly.

Well, those are three digital marketing strategies that you could study and implement soon.

Do you know of any other strategies that you would like to share? Let us know down in the comment section below!

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