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Branding on Social Media – Building Yours

I know you’ve seen it because I have too when it comes to branding on social media.

We’ve seen the rags to riches stories of the digital age time and time again…

The college dropout who went from being dead broke to monetizing his twitter and rolling around in cash.

The artsy girl who does nothing but get paid from the internet to draw people’s favorite fictional characters.

branding on social media

The local lemonade stand girl who got herself a logo went viral on Facebook, and now has a nationwide brand.

Stuff like this is happening more often than you think nowadays, and it’s all thanks to the internet, their brands, and their tenacity to succeed.

I can’t give you their gumption, but I can give you an idea of how to start your brand on social media.

Branding on Social Media Tip #1: Know Where To Brand

When running any business, it’s important to know the demographics of your audience.

This is especially important when it comes to social media because not all of these platforms are geared towards the same crowds.

If you’re selling book bags and school supplies with college-aged buyers in mind, you’d be scratching your head if you’re on Linkedin wondering why all of the business professionals are ignoring your advertising.

Treat it like fishing. You wouldn’t go to a catfish area with bait geared towards sharks, would you?

No, so make sure that you’re choosing the right platform for your demographics.

Here is branding on social media kicks in.

Branding Tip #2: Consistent Branding Across The Board

The last thing that you want to do as a business with multiple pages spanning multiple platforms is creating a sense of disconnection.

Your buyers are going to Facebook to check out your page and your content.

They see that you’re on Instagram, so they head over to look at your feed…

And it’s a jumbled mess. Different filters every other picture, an inconsistent voice from Facebook to Twitter to Instagram, and even a completely different profile picture.

They almost clicked off because they didn’t even recognize you from one platform to another, and this is where you don’t want to fall short at when it comes to branding on social media.

They want to see consistent color schemes, instantly recognizable profile pictures, and know that the brand is the brand, regardless of what social media platform that they find you on.

Consistency is key here.

Branding Tip #3: Same Speech, Different Venues

Building on the previous point, your brand’s voice/ identity is another key component to your success when it comes to social media branding.

Your brand’s voice is the way that you tweet, post, blog, etc.

It’s something that doesn’t happen overnight, but it’s what separates you from everyone else.

Just be mindful of your target audience and authenticity. Using the younger crowd’s slang while trying to appeal to baby boomers would probably be hilarious and meme-worthy, but not effective for achieving what you want to achieve.

Be authentic and consistent in how you’re presenting your brand because nothing drives people away from personal brands quicker than dishonesty and inconsistency.

Well, those are three things to consider when building a brand on social media.

Do you know of any other tips that could be a big help? Let us know in the comments down below!

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