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Reinventing Your Career in a Pandemic

Have you been thinking of making a career change lately? If so, you’re not alone. Studies have found that around 24% of Canadians are considering a career shift due to the ongoing global health crisis, as many rethink their relationships with their employers. And though reinventing your career in the middle of a pandemic might sound a bit daunting, it is possible. In fact, here are some tips that might help you do just that:

Reinventing Your Career in a Pandemic

Identify your transferable skills

Also known as portable skills, transferable skills are abilities that are relevant across different areas of life. Because they are transferable from one job to another, these skills are especially important when changing jobs or industries, as they can help show your future employers that you can do the job, despite not being a perfect match for it.

Forbes’ feature on reinventing your career recommends starting with an inventory of the transferable skills you have. Some examples of the transferable skills you can take wherever you go are problem-solving, leadership, adaptability, writing, teamwork, communication, and critical thinking. Then, be sure to highlight these in your resume and interviews.

Know your non-negotiables

By delineating what is essential and what is not, the pandemic has revolutionized the way professionals view their work and their career. And when you’re setting a new direction for yourself, it’s important to be mindful enough to not just jump at the next new thing. Knowing your non-negotiables is essential to having a career shift that can truly make your life better. Keeping a list of must-haves in your new career is one good step, as is carefully considering job opportunities that come your way.

There’s more to these opportunities than the salary, as pointed out by a guide to accepting a job offer on Petal Card. Ask about healthcare and work from home privileges. With the new virus variants threatening to draw out the pandemic, it only makes sense for professionals like you to focus on these perks. Depending on the organization’s providers, healthcare packages can typically include a regular routine medical checkup, two dental cleanings, and an optometrist appointment. As for the work from home privileges, try to see if the company you are eyeing provides remote workers with the connected devices they’d need along with an internet allowance.

Focus on networking

With the current crisis keeping people physically apart, it is all the more important to make full use of your “weak” ties. Weak ties are the relationships you have with people you don’t know that much or don’t see very often. Compared to close friends and family, people who are not that close to you can help you think more creatively about your future. They can widen your horizon and maximize your chances of learning something new. Aside from mobilizing your weak ties, you can also work on meeting new people.

There are numerous platforms out there that can help you do just that, like BeApp. BeApp is an application that lets users see the social media accounts of people and places in their immediate vicinity. Moreover, you can use Zoom to go to virtual meetings and events. You can also grab the networking opportunities social media sites like Instagram and Twitter offers. Fast Company’s article on networking during a pandemic also highlights how you can join online groups and communities. This way, you can be up to date with the events relevant business groups are holding and have plenty of opportunities to meet new people.

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