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Social Media in 2020: Overview of Popular Platforms

Many of the websites, apps, and tools that we use on the internet every day have grown, expanded, and evolved significantly in recent years. Take social media, for example. Once a place where teens hung out online to share pics, music, movies, and meet other teens, a generation that grew up comfortable with sharing every bit of their life online is now grown and using social media in 2020 for personal, business, family, education, and shopping on a daily basis.

Social Media in 2020


While there are many competitors out there now, Facebook is still on course to be king of social media in 2020. With billions of users all around the world, this social media in 2020 platform is extremely versatile, easy to personalize, and makes marketing a business or connecting with old school mates a breeze. People can like posts, share comments, follow pages, and watch the latest videos, which allow them to keep up with trends and global news in a matter of minutes.

Twitter – Social Media in 2020 Favored by Celebrities

Whether the goal is to cyber-stalk a favorite celebrity or stay on top of news, trends, and events, Twitter is the place to be. The 140 character limit makes it easy for users to post a simple comment, shout out, or say something funny to get comments and other reactions from followers. Hashtags allow users to piggyback off of popular issues and events and make it easy for businesses to see who is talking about their brand online.


This social media in 2020 platform focuses on photos and videos, allowing users to include captions and generate hashtags to link to popular topics, events, and trends. Great for individuals and businesses alike, Instagram is perfect for showing the world what’s new or what the user is into using filters, effects, and other photo-enhancing features.

LinkedIn – Social Media in 2020 for Professionals

Excellent tool for business owners and professionals who want to establish themselves online as an industry leader or valuable hire for company headhunters. Users can include a photo, contact information, education, work history, and experience. LinkedIn is primarily used as a virtual resume or a networking tool to get noticed by employers. Social media in 2020 – for professionals.


Used by people in over 180 countries, WhatsApp is a messaging app that invites users to communicate with family and friends. However, it also allows businesses to establish open communication with their customers or prospective clients to enhance customer support, updates regarding new products or services, and information about the brand.


Similar to Instagram in that it focuses on using photo and short video sharing, Snapchat is the social media platform that made the “stories” format famous, eventually making its way to Facebook and Instagram as well. Excellent for individual users and businesses as well, Snapchat is said to have over 250 million users worldwide.

Social media in 2020 platforms have changed much over the years. Users in 2020 can expect to see even more features and advantages added, as these apps continue to evolve to meet consumer demand and offer more opportunities to business users all around the world.

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