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What is an Instagram Influencer?

Is it just someone with a camera and a selfie-addiction?

It’s more than that, let’s define it.

An Instagram Influencer is someone with perceived authority and an established following on Instagram. They hold a profound ability to persuade a group of people.

What is an instagram influencer? Is it just someone with a camera and a selfie-addiction? Check out this short explanation with video. #influencer #instagraminfluencer #BeDiscoverable #BeApp

If I’m getting ahead of you, and you’re not familiar with the term “influencer”, go here: what is an influencer

Who Were the Top Instagram Influencers of 2018?

Who were they? And why 2018, and not now, ya know, 2019?

Looking into 2018 will give us an idea about this whole subject, where it’s been and where it’s going.

Here’s what Ranker has to say about it. The top 10 names of 2018 and links to their gram accounts.

  1. James Charles
  2. Chiara Ferragni
  3. Zach King
  4. Huda Kattan
  5. Cameron Dallas
  6. Nikkie de Jager
  7. Dr. Mike Varshavski
  8. Joanna Gaines
  9. Camila Coelho
  10. Kayla Itsines

Instagram Influencers’ Cost

What kind of time and money does it actually take to become an Instagram influencer?

We’ll cover the basics.

To start, about 10% of “influencers” on Instagram don’t spend anything other than their time…and maybe their reputation, pride, or self-image.

The numbers climb pretty rapidly after 10%. We can say that half the influencers out there spend anywhere from zero to a quarter of a million dollars annually on their Instagram influencing habits. Clearly, there must be some financial return involved. It can’t just be about likes.

The latter half, which includes the leading influencers can spend upwards of a quarter of a million to over a million.

No wonder sponsored ads from your favorite make-up’ed haircuts are such a thing.

How to Find Instagram Influencers

They’re everywhere, we know, but still…how do you find them if you don’t know a name to type in?Here’s how to search, as well as a special place you can go.The best way to start searching is to figure out what brand or niche you’re after. Essentially, why are you looking for an Instagram influencer?

Which leads to…

what are you trying to do?

You can start with hashtags. These things: #words

Here’s a great easy-to-use tool: Instagram Keyword Tool

Maybe you’re hunting for fashion. Then “fashion” is your keyword. The tool will give you a list of leading hashtags related to fashion. As of this post, it’s “#fashionkilla” in a commanding lead.

That should be enough to get you started.

I cover this topic in more detail here: how to find Instagram influencers

Who are the Top Instagram Influencers in India?

India’s tech scene has been blowing up, and it’s not slowing down. So, who are they?

Let’s see who’s in the very top 3 in terms of followers.

  1. 9Gag
  2. Marvel
  3. Tiktok

Here are the latest videos of each:

Video Title: Spider-Man: Far From Home — Behind the Scenes! Video Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jugPJUrCdbM Transcript: from Spidey’s suits to Tom Hollands stunts to Jake Gyllenhaal’s Mysterio we’re talking spider-man far from home hi I’m spider-man’s Aunt Edith I’m Lorraine and I’m those tiny sassy little hairs on spider-man’s fingers that let him climb and stick to stuff Ryan ah gross and this is ideas show we are talking about spider-man far from home which is now available on blu-ray and Digital first up check out this behind-the-scenes look at how spider-man’s many costumes in the film were brought to life I’m here with Ryan miner ding head of visual development for Marvel Studios hello sir hello let’s get into it let’s talk about spider-man far from home alright spider-man has I think the most iconic costume of all time of all superheroes across everything that exists a definitive statement but let’s talk about the ones that far from home right I have a feeling I know the inspiration for it what was your comic book inspiration for well John Watson had always wanted a reference than what the noir costume but also since this movie is so much about Peter dealing with the hero that he’s trying to be are supposed to be having him being given a costume by Nick Fury essentially to say you could be this tactical version of spider-man is essentially just almost like a visual representation of him exploring a different type of hero and and seeing him all in black and and with the flip-up tactical eyes was was a way of I think doing the noir stuff but also keeping a little bit of spider-man 2 with it being fun with the flip eyes you know I think it’s really interesting because during dance lots run he had that stealth costume that was sort of like the neon piping in the blood in the black suit did you ever go through that iteration or did you always know you guys were going full noir I mean I think again it needed it usually we’re we’re looking at stuff from the comics and seeing how it can translate into something that’s relevant for the story world that we’re trying to make and looking at the noir stuff it sort of translated a little bit better into something it felt tactical than the neon stuff yeah it’s not as stealthy as you would think it’s not quite alright it’s great it’s great beautiful though now you also got to upgrade spider-man a little what were some of his upgrades for this film the notion at the end when when Peter has to make his own suit using Tony’s tech was essentially for me that it’s Peter becoming the spider-man that he needs to be and and part of that is the idea of him using technology of his own so the pitch for that suit was essentially that he would sort of spin a bunch of webs and then Tony’s technology would weave it together into the suit so the suit was actually supposed to be made from Peters webs so essentially they say they’re the strongest material he has access to and meant to men to sort of integrate his technology with Tony’s technology so the idea in at the end of that movie was that the suit was gonna be able to do more web-based gags are you just like a kid in a candy shop with these he’s not I mean when Kevin Feige came into my office and said we’re gonna work on spider-man and Civil War it was I think I let out a visible like like it was a very undignified that’s a appropriate Peter Parker reaction so if someone wanted to get into the visual development I’m not saying I’m leaving my job but no but if someone really is interested in doing a job like yours where do you think people should start I mean reading comics is probably a great place loving comics loving comic characters drawing I you know I drew I’ve been drawing since I was a very small child I got into you know doing airbrushing and sort of more realistic drawing and painting and then design that sort of understanding coupled with artistic ability and hard work yeah I think you can do you get to where you want to go thank you so much for talking with us you guys be sure to download spider-man far from home now oh man I love the Spider Man noir references that Ryan talked about in there very cool and I like that the idea of the upgraded costume was actually supposed to be sort of a spun web idea because it reminds me of in the comics when Spiderman loses his costume he has to make like a little web diaper situation like a tidy webby yeah Spidey diapey yeah I like that but I like ultimately so the costume kind of reminded me of superior spider-man from the comics I thought it was a really cool vibe yeah and they just showed like other cons I like how you brought out the stealth suit which is you know you can tell Ryan loves the comics and loves bringing that to life for the films yeah I love getting to see fans make cool stuff well that’s not all spider-man is put through the ringer and that means the actor who portrays him also gets to have some exciting times on set check out this behind-the-scenes look at how Tom Holland performed the bridge stunt in spider-man far from home sitting on the floor rigged to a ratchet which is a machine where I will zoom backwards and slam into a wall and the SFX guy will also click a button which will dump thousands of gallons of water on me and you best believe they didn’t heat the water it was freezing cold oh you did so they go three two one action zoom back i slam into the wall and then all i hear is the sfx guy go sorry and then the water just went [Music] so we have to do it a second time oh but it looks great [Music] did you clock how there was Tom Hollands stunt man right there we’re in the same outfit going through the same thing kudos to all those people doing that hard work I know they were like soaked but they were having such a great time even Tom who repeatedly over and over again had to do that stunt gets slammed against the wall thankfully a lot of padding it is very safe but it looked like a lot of fun actually yeah and shout out to the VFX team who then takes out all the wires the magic of the movies but if you haven’t yet seen the film spoiler warnings ahead because we’re about to talk about a major reveal that is right Mysterio has an epic twist and Jake Gyllenhaal gives us his take on the mysterious allusions of Mysterio right now he uses the technology that he has developed to create the idea of a superhero to essentially fool the world and fool Peter Parker what is it like some kind of projector or something stereo you are so dumb I mean smarter the whip just a sucker and now all your friends have to die I was really attracted to the idea of Mysterio as an illusionist and to get into spider-man’s head to a point where spider-man really wasn’t quite sure who he was in the end I think that’s what makes Mysterio so special Jake is so convincing as a nice guy that you just believe him and you trust him and that’s what makes it even worse when you find out that he’s been playing Peter this entire time I give the world you need to wake up it was my goal to try and create a character that doesn’t leave you and I’ve done my job I think you’ll leave look around the corner wondering maybe if Mysterio was there I don’t think you know what’s real oh [Music] man I love all the comics references that they’re able to put into the film I mean honestly kudos to Jake Gyllenhaal for taking Mysterio who is such an iconic character we think of him as a villain but making him so likable it was really hard to watch that twist happen I know I mean watching it over and over again as I’ve seen the movie a bunch of times I still like oh come on Yuri I know if only he would have gotten those little bangs a little from the comic books yeah it’s a little bull cut cut yes all right I cannot wait to watch spider-man far from home again you guys can pick it up on blu-ray or download it on digital today now tell us your favorite spider-man suit whether it’s classic Spidey night monkey or his upgraded costume and hashtag Earth’s Mightiest show and we’ll see you next time I’m Lorraine Rome and this is normal your you know thanks for watching her smiley show if you like this like this leave us a comment and subscribe to the Marvel channel then ding that bell to get updates about new episodes and click that box over there to watch our last episode the ring we talk about the Spidey what would you make if you couldn’t make webs a hammock to sleep in at my desk

Video Title: The Broken Cloack Woah Challenge TikTok Compilation 2019 Video Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Qvqz4seVkeE Transcript: I don’t want that bitch I feel like Gordon Ramsay how I live my I don’t want that bitch I feel like go to Ramsay how I flip my I don’t want that bitch I feel like go to Ramsay how you if she can’t pull it out of the hands and I don’t want that bitch I feel like going to Ramsey how I flip my ring you can clap without of her I don’t want that bitch I feel like go near Ramsey how I flip my I don’t want that bitch I feel like go near Ramsey how I don’t want that bitch I feel like go to Ramsey how I don’t want that bitch I feel like go to Ramsey how I flip my I don’t want that bitch I feel like go near Ramsey how she kept it out of the hands and I don’t want that bitch I feel like Gordon Ramsay I don’t want that bitch I feel like go near Ramsay how I flip my I don’t want that bitch I feel like go near Ramsay how I flip my I don’t want that bitch I feel like go dear Ramsay how I flip my I feel like go dear Ramsay how I flip my I don’t want that bitch I feel like go near Ramsay how I flip my feel like go – Ramsay how if your home without it if she can extrapolate out of the hands and I don’t want that bitch I feel like go near Ramsey how I didn’t clap without a hand I don’t want that bitch I feel like go near Ramsey how I flip my I don’t want that bitch I feel like go near Ramsey how I flip my [Music]

Impressed? Bewildered? Mildly entertained? Welcome to Instagram.

How to Become an Influencer

How can you start your influencing journey into endless selfies, fame, and followers?

Got a smart phone? You can start right away. It starts with you, your brand voice, and what people find uniquely interesting about [insert your name here].

It’s easy to get started, and it doesn’t have to be on Instagram.

Here are the solid basics that still ring true today: Want To Become An Influencer? Follow These 13 Tips

Interested in Getting a Return on Your Investment as an Influencer?

Go to getting your social media ROI, discover how powerful social media really is and what to expect from social media in 2020.

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