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How to Find an Instagram Influencer

Where are they and how do I get there? In this article we’ll cover how to find Instagram influencers.

They are easy to find if you know where to look. In fact, where to look is the key, because it helps answer why.

The ‘why’ is the reason. It’s tied to what prompted you to begin your search in the first place.

Want to know how and where to find Instagram influencers? Here’s a brief guide with tools. #instagram #InstagramInfluencer #BeApp #BeDiscoverable

Let’s take a look at some popular niches you might start with.

Here’s Social Upgrades Top 10:

1. Health and Fitness

2. Beauty

3. Travel

4. Online Business

5. Fashion

6. Luxury Lifestyle

7. Animals

8. Relationships

9. Gaming

10. Family & Parenting

That should get you started with some # searching. Type those topics into the search and the top # will pop up for investigating.

Or you can check out a list of who’s who by going here: Instagram Influencers


What’s a hypeauditor?

This is a popular tool for popular people and for people who like to follow popular people… *gasp*

It’s great for influencers and followers.

It uses AI to help you discover and analyze Instagram (and YouTube) influencers.

Here are the key features of Hypeauditor:

  • Audience quality analytics
  • Demography and language insights
  • Engagement analytics
  • Audience age and gender
  • Comments pod check
  • Advertisers Dashboard
  • Influencer Discovery Tool

You can check it out here: Hypeauditor.com

Free Instagram Influencer Search Tool

Are they any other special free tools?


In addition to Hypeauditor there’s also Crowdfire, a freemium tool that finds niche-relevant users and influencers to follow. It also has post tracking.

Influencer Directory

Can I just look at a big list of the selfie-stick owners?

Yep. Many influencer directories are available. Let’s start with influencers, non-specific to Instagram.

Here’s your influencer directory by Phlanx

Instagram Influencer Database

What about influencers just on Instagram with more info?

The Gram is the new god, ‘tis true. It’s likely (if not completely certain) that analytical tools and directories will become more sophisticated over time. Personal branding and influencer marketing are making sure of that.

Think of each influencer as a big bag of enthusiastic photogenic data, that if put into the right hands, turns to gold. It’s called Social Media Alchemy. No, it’s not. That’s not a thing.

Be kind to your influencers. They have their own brand of stress.

Here’s a link to the database: Find Influencers

But first, take a look at this influential work of art:

Want to know how and where to find Instagram influencers? Here’s a brief guide with tools.

Influencer Analysis

Want to learn more about a specific influencer?

Gotcha covered.

Here are the things we typically analyze for your brand

  • Relevancy
  • Engagement
  • Post Frequency
  • Popular Content
  • Influencer Metrics (images, carousels, videos, etc.)

Want more Influencer Analysis?

To learn what an influencer is go here: what is an influencer?

For Gram-specific influencers, check out this post: what is an instagram influencer?

If you’d like to know what kind of money instagram influencers make, check out this article: How much do instagram influencers make

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