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The Best Deep Learning Book

The very best deep learning book is…

…it depends.

Grokking Deep Learning

Who is “Grokking?” And what’s the book?

Grokking is a term that’s been around for quite a while. It was coined by Robert A. Heinlein in his massively popular science fiction classic, Stranger in a Strange Land. To grok means to understand every aspect of something completely (at least that’s how I grok it).

Grokking Deep Learning is your best all-in-one purchase for diving deep into deep learning. It guides you into the history, theories, and terminology, as well as how to actually do it. You can get it here.

Best Python Machine Learning Book

Great, but it turns out I need to know programming for this. Where’s the deep learning book for that?

The language you’ll want to learn, is Python.

Python is the leading machine learning language, and since we’re talking about machine learning, here’s a book for that: Hands-On Machine Learning with Scikit-Learn and TensorFlow: Concepts, Tools, and Techniques to Build Intelligent Systems (try saying that one time fast).

Deep Learning: A Practitioner’s Approach

I thought Grokking Deep Learning was the best book, who’s this other guy?

It is, but if you don’t like it here’s a better one.

Both Grokking Deep Learning and Deep Learning: A Practitioner’s Approach bring you into the fundamentals of deep learning and how to get started with tools and building neural networks. Everyone learns differently, even when it comes to deep learning.

After you check out Grokking Deep Learning (deep learning book) check the other guy out here: amazon link and see which one speaks to you more.

How Deep Networks Evolved from Neural Network

How the what came from the other what?

This is about a paradigm shift in AI, and it’s actually pretty exciting because it gives more than just insights into super-nerd technology. It lets you in on how the whole world is changing.

For a more comprehensive article on the history and development, check out this site A History of Deep Learning (you can just read the parts you can actually understand, like I did, and you’ll feel a lot smarter.)

Other Best Deep Learning Books and Resources

Don’t want to read textbooks?

YouTube, Github, and a number of courses and tutorials might be best.

This is something that’s best picked up by practicing it, not just reading. Here’s an impressive tutorial for free on YouTube covering TensorFlow: Introduction to TensorFlow Tutorials

Here’s a breakdown of some other courses, books, and resources.

What is the very best deep learning book? Here’s the answer, as well as a bunch of other answers to questions you didn’t know you had.

Deep Learning

Above recommendations moving too fast? Or maybe you do want a textbook.

Here’s a fleshed-out introduction to deep learning as part of a series.

This deep learning book recommended by Elon Musk about , so you know it’s a head-scratcher. Seriously, this is a full-blown tome of information. Deep Learning (Adaptive Computation and Machine Learning series)

Deep Learning with Python

Still feeling over your head with this stuff?

This is the leader in accessible reading.

Deep Learning with Python uses normal human language, side-steps the Einstein-level math, and gives actionable content as well.


Don’t like to spend money on info?

Github’s got you covered.

Here’s MIT’s e-book on Deep Learning. MIT Deep Learning Book PDF

How to Learn AI and Neural Networks

If you’re interested in getting the basics of AI, check out this post: How to Learn AI

To get a better handle on AI, I wrote this blog for you: What is a Neural Network?

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