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How to Learn AI

Want to know how to learn AI? You’re going to need a lot of actual intelligence.

Artificial Intelligence Course

AI is hard. There’s a lot of deeply logical and creative thinking that goes into this topic.

It’s in demand though, and that means lots of brilliant people have created resources that hold your hand into this exciting field of study.

how to learn ai

I’m going to give you some free resources as well as the highest rated courses you can find.

Free Artificial Intelligence Course

If it’s free then it’s not credible, not that helpful, and is just trying to sell me something, right?

Not necessarily. Because this is not a new subject, it’s going to take a while to get to the frontier line in terms of education. Many free AI courses offer a solid foundation.

Here’s a great course that’s totally free to get you started. Coursera – AI For Everyone

Learn with Google AI Course

Google gives out a lot of free resources, but how’s the quality by comparison to other sites and companies?

Impressive. Google’s no slouch with their free tools. Very often their freebies set industry standards.

Google’s platform targets a wide range, from someone who is just curious to a full-time data scientists. There’s a lot of material in this course written in a surprisingly entertaining way.

Check out the course here. Learn from ML experts at Google

Best Artificial Intelligence Course

Going straight for value instead of cost?

If you’re looking for an in-depth career focused course, I’ve got you covered.

Here’s the best in online AI course education to start with. Udacity – Become a Machine Learning Engineer

Machine Learning

I thought we were talking about AI. What is machine learning? Is it the same thing as AI?

They are often used interchangeably, but are not the same thing.

Think of machine learning as a subcategory of artificial intelligence. All collies are dogs, but not all dogs are cyborgs. AI is a very broad term. Even a calculator, for example, has some level of AI. You press the button and you get a result on the screen.

Machine learning is when AI starts to learn on its own. It’s AI having access to data, and figuring out what to do with it.

Google Machine Learning Tutorial and Certification

Machine learning sounds complicated. That’s because it is, or, can be.

The good news is that Google has you covered with a machine learning tutorial and even a certification. That way you can tell your friends and coworkers that when the robot apocalypse comes, you’ll be the one who tells them who gets to live on hammock island, and who gets to work the internment fields.

Google Cloud Training This free course starts you with the basics (if we can really say that) of Google Cloud Training. You can gett pretty far with this as there are several certification paths to choose from.

Machine Learning “Python”

What’s Python?

It’s the leading programming language for machine learning.

Python programming language is about 30 years old and developed by Guido van Rossum. It was developed with simplicity and adaptability in mind, and as such, is not a bad place to start in terms of your programming education. You can learn all about it here: Python.org straight from the python horse’s mouth.

Introduction to Machine Learning “Python”

Am I freaking you out with the technical stuff? Or the terminator stuff? (It’s real! Prepare now before it’s too late!)

A lot of people are jumping into this field but there’s a lot of demand, and it’s not going to subside any time soon. At least, not while humans still have jobs.

There are a number of good places to start with Python, but here’s a great place to begin: AutomateTheBoringStuff.com

Deep Learning and Neural Networks

Ready to jump into deep learning? You can start here: Best Deep Learning Book
If you want to start with the basics of today’s AI you can check out learn about neural networks here: What is a Neural Network?

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