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A New Way To Socialize Locally

Social distancing isn’t a lot of fun. You want to feel safe but not limited. You and people around the world are experiencing this new dilemma brought on by unusual circumstances. For those who want to be responsible and proactive, this article may offer the solution you’ve been looking for.

A New Way To Socialize Locally BeApp BeDiscoverable

Do You Know Your Neighbors?

You may be seeing more of your neighbors than usual. Some are familiar faces, and you’ve probably noticed a few new ones. Do you know their names? Maybe some. Do you follow them on social media? Probably not. In times of crisis, expanding your support network is a great idea. That could mean learning about important alerts, or maybe you’re short on toilet paper. Now is the time to connect with your neighbors responsibly and enrich your local community with feelings of safety and well-being.

How Can You Connect With Them?

The news might tell you what’s happening across the world, but what about next door? BeApp offers a new way to connect with the people around you. Once you install the app, you’ll be able to see who’s in your immediate area. You’ll also be able to check out whatever social media they’ve chosen to broadcast or send private messages. BeApp is entirely free, easy to use, and does the sync work for you. Expand your network and strengthen your local community today!

How BeApp Works

To get an idea of what BeApp can do, we’ve put together this short video for you.

Download and install BeApp using the step-by-step guide that’s provided further below.

Lasting Connections

Keeping in touch in an unobtrusive yet intimate way with BeApp allows people to share valuable information on the fly.

Beaming your social media or perusing others’ gives insights into problems and solutions. This is the area where connections are made. With BeApp you could:

  • Broadcast your business or service to your surrounding area
  • Learn your neighbors’ hobbies and interests
  • Discover the love of your life is just around the corner
  • Expand your phone’s contact list
  • Get to know your local pet community
  • Share important alerts specific to your area or complex
  • See what carry-out restaurants and delivery services are popular
  • Keep track of elderly neighbors who may need assistance
  • Hold a coffee-time Zoom meeting to stave off quarantine-fever

How Connections Motivate Community Action

Short on paper towels? Toilet paper? How about wine? If you’re lacking in certain supplies, tools, or ingredients, a generous neighbor may be happy and willing to help out.

In uncertain situations, people tend to be more eager to help than usual. Doing favors for those around you creates a sense of community purpose. You’ll be surprised what happens when you break the ice.

To get started, here are some ideas on how to connect.

  • Drop off some supplies or ingredients you don’t mind sharing on your neighbor’s door. Include a note with “BeApp,” so they know how to connect.
  • Leave a message in your apartment office, local bulletin board, or mailbox area about how people can connect with you through BeApp.
  • Post a social media status that you are now on BeApp
  • Replace exchanging contact information with sharing the app (you “ll exchange phone numbers and more)
  • When you’re out for a stroll, mention BeApp as a way to keep in touch

Most people are just waiting for someone to initiate and show they care. And unlike giving out a phone number, you remain in control of your privacy, what you social media profiles you beam, and when your information is broadcasted.


BeApp’s creators meant to offer you a way to enrich your social connections with privacy and security in mind. It’s time to make better local connections. Download the app and be discoverable today!

Step 1: Google Play or App Store

We’ll use Google Play in this example. iPhone users can follow along as well. The steps are similar.


Click the link to the store that corresponds to your device’s operating system. (Android in this case).

Step 2: Installation


Click Install. Revisit this page to leave a comment and rating!

Step 3: BeDiscoverable App

Once installed, click Open.

Step 4: Activate Location Sharing

Click Allow to enable location sharing. Welcome to the BeDiscoverable community!

Step 5: Choose Your Display Name

Enter your display name. This is what others around you will see.

Note: You can change your display name later on through Settings.

Step 6: Home Interface


Here, in the Home Interface, you can view the profiles in your surrounding area. Below each name you’ll see the social media accounts each person has chosen to broadcast or beam.

You can send someone a private Message by clicking the icon at the bottom of the page. That means you can keep in touch with someone entirely through BeApp, on or offline!

Next, click the Gear Icon in the top right corner to complete the setup.

Step 7: Settings and Location

Here is the Settings page. The greyed-out area in the picture above represents a Google Map of your immediate area. Zoom in and out to manage the radius of your halo using the slider.

Next, click Edit Profile.

Step 8: Beam Your Social Media

Here you’ll notice variations editing options like status, which social media accounts are being beamed, and your display name.

Click the button to the right of the social media accounts you want to beam. Turn each of these on to be discoverable and off when you prefer privacy.

You’re all done! BeDiscoverable App does the rest of the sync-work you.

Whatever your profession, personal, or local interests, BeDiscoverable App offers a powerful and intimate new way to connect with those around you. Join the next generation of social media and human connection.

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