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Will Tech Salaries Remain High if Working Remotely?

Tech jobs have the perks of being high paying and possibly remote. Remote work wasn’t always as standard as it is in the tech world today, but now companies will allow workers to work from home permanently.

In a lot of ways, this makes sense—workers don’t have to commute, their work can be completed from home the same as in the office, and companies can spend less on rent in expensive downtown areas.

Will Tech Salaries Remain High if Working Remotely

As most people probably haven’t spent this amount of time working from home before this year, it is unclear how many tech workers will stay at home. Maybe by the time there is a vaccine for COVID-19, people will be jonesing to get out of their house. Typically, tech workers like data scientists or digital marketers make well above the average salary for their location, but will this trend continue if the work remains remote?

Will Remote Work Mean Relocating?

The best place for tech jobs is San Francisco and Silicon Valley, just south of San Francisco, where the cost of living is one of the highest in the country. Those who have tech jobs are smart people; they know if they live in a state with lower taxes and more new home construction, their salary would go a lot further than barely being able to afford a studio apartment in San Francisco. There have been reports of employees fleeing the Bay Area for just this reason.

Moving is a personal decision, and those who move know that it might affect their pay, but will it change the salary of those who decide to stay? Can those who live in the Bay Area and are attending, or hoping to attend, the top San Francisco coding bootcamps expect pay to be as high as it was pre-COVID? While no one can say for sure, salaries will likely remain close to what they are now, making attending coding bootcamps worth their while.

Relocating a desirable employee, which happens a lot in tech, is an expensive endeavor. Companies could save tens of thousands of dollars by allowing the individual to telecommute. There is an argument that salaries could increase if companies are spending less to lease and maintain large office spaces.

Can You Land High Paying Remote Jobs?

Now that companies are willing to let their employees work remotely full-time, it opens the window for out-of-state applicants to land jobs at desirable companies. Some companies might alter pay if you live in an area with a significantly lower cost of living, and some might not.

While compensation isn’t everything, it matters. Tech companies tend to have high turnover. At the top companies, the average tenure is around 12 to 24 months, and these jobs typically pay pretty well with some excellent benefits. Companies and startups are willing to pay high salaries to get the best talent on their team.

You Can Get a High Paying Tech Job

These jobs aren’t out of reach to smart people like yourself. There are many different avenues you can apply your talents to; there is a tech job for everyone. Take a free career quiz to figure out whether being a software engineer or a data scientist is a better fit for you.

Once you decide on a career, the next step is to find the correct avenue to build your skillset. One way is to attend an intensive coding bootcamp online. The best bootcamps offer full-time and part-time classes with cumulative projects that allow you to apply your learnings. One of these bootcamps is Flatiron School.

Flatiron School

One way to learn how to be a web designer of a cybersecurity expert is to attend Flatiron School. As one of the most exclusive coding bootcamps, Flatiron School offers a challenging, comprehensive curriculum. Graduates have a starting job with an average salary of over $60,000. This bootcamp provides an incredible opportunity to get ahead of automation and outsourcing facing your current industry.

Flatiron School offers classes across the country as well as online. There are numerous ways to make attending this bootcamp affordable, even deferred tuition, which allows you to pay after you land a tech job. Graduates and current attendees have great things to say about the program.

Tech Jobs Will Continue to Be Lucrative

We live in a constantly-changing world. Remote work is only a small change in the way we work. There will continue to be innovations that make remote work sustainable and accessible to tech careers. With a touch of dedication, you can get a high paying tech job before the end of the year.

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